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Q: What does Loaf/ loafers is it the same? And could you gime some examples plz? Thanks mean?
A: A loafer can also mean someone who is lazy or doesn’t do much work.
Q: What does loafers mean?
A: The primary definition is a type of shoes, usually leather and a low flat heal.

Loafer has a slang usage. You can describe someone who is lazy and doing nothing as a loafer, or two people as loafers. I don't hear this used very much however.
Q: What does Put yourself in the good doctor’s loafers. mean?
A: Very rarely in North America. I think they might be a bit more common in British English.

The only examples I can think of in modern Canada is British-derived. In very formal settings, we refer to our certain politicians as "The Right Honorable". So our current Governor General (representative of the Crown) is "The Right Honorable Julie Payette".

It sounds super old-fashioned, and I doubt most Canadians even know that you're supposed to refer to our prime minister as "The Rt. Hon. Trudeau" instead of "Mr. Trudeau."

(Not technically American English, though. HiNative just kinda lumps us Canadian in with the Yankees 😄)

There's also the phrase "goodman" that you might see in fantasy or history novels, where peasants would get called "Goodman John" instead of "Mr. John" to indicate that they weren't of noble birth.

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Q: What is the difference between loafers and shoes ?
A: loafers are a type of shoe.

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Q: The loafer is perfect for holidays. does this sound natural?
A: It's natural if you're choosing between shoes.. if you're stating a general opinion, it would be "Loafers are perfect for the holidays."
Q: He's a loafer. He doesn't work for school. does this sound natural?
A: When I read "he doesn't work for school", what I immediately imagine is that the person doesn't work a job to earn money to pay for school. If you mean he doesn't do his homework, stick with "he doesn't study for school". :-)

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