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    2. A loanword is a word that is borrowed from another language. For instance, 咖啡 is borrowed from the English word “coffee”, so therefore, it’s a loanword.

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    2. Foreign toungue... Maybe? It sounds like it could be either really fancy or really strange. "Borrowed word" would sound better. Try that.

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    2. I guess add a comma after English. Languages, like English, in Japanese.

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    2. #1 and #2 are ok but they mean different things. #3 is ok but #2 is a better way to say it. #4 is so-so; #5 is a better version. These also mean something different from #1 and #2. #6 should be "a word from another country." It's ok but also means something different. #7 is good, depending on what you're trying to say. --- It's hard to say what's used most often since they mean different things. A "foreign word" is a word in a language other than your own. To English-speakers, for instance, "keitai" would be a foreign word. A "loanword" is a word that comes directly from one language but is used in another language, without changing the meaning. For instance, English uses the German word "kindergarten" for "幼稚園." It's not just a foreign word anymore because you'll find it in English dictionaries as an "English" word. A "foreign origin" word would be a word that comes from another language, probably many years ago, but is not a loanword because it's only the origin that is foreign, not the exact word or the exact definition. English is full of words of foreign origin, including Greek, Latin, native languages, etc. An example would be "school," which originally comes from the Greek "skhole." "School" is English, not foreign, but its origin is foreign. A "word from another country" isn't always tied to language, since some countries speak many languages and some languages are spoken in many countries. For instance, Americans use the word "truck" but in the UK they say "lorry." To Americans, "lorry" would be a word from another country, although that's not the term they'd use. They'd just call it "a British term" or "a Britishism."

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