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Q: What does lobbing mean?
A: It's usually used to describe the way something is thrown, like a ball. However, it is sometimes used figuratively like the link below says. Like, to "throw" a question at someone. It basically just means ask.

": to hit, throw, or kick (something, such as a ball) so that it goes through the air in a high curving path

She lobbed a throw to the pitcher.
The soldier lobbed a grenade into the bunker.
He lobbed the ball over his opponent's head.

— sometimes used figuratively
The reporters lobbed some easy questions at/to her. [=they asked her some questions that were easily answered]"

"to throw something so that it goes high in the air in a curve
Police started lobbing (= throwing) tear gas canisters into the crowd.
Q: What does "lob" mean?
A: specifically it's when you throw something so that it lands in a specific way
Q: What does ✓ lob mean?
A: It means to throw something in a high arching trajectory.

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Q: I'd like to know what "lob elementary school insults at" means in the text.
A: To make it more understandable, it means to tell childish insults.

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