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    2. Locus of control is the amount that a person believes they have control over their life. The word "locus" is from Latin, meaning "location" or "place." Locus of control means, "The location of control." More detail: A person with an external locus of control might believe their choices and their life are controlled by fate or chance, or by events they cannot influence. A person with an internal locus of control may believe they are able to control their life and their environment, and the events that occur. Do you feel you control your life and the events around you? Then your locus of control is "internal", or inside you. If you feel that your decisions and life are not in your control, then your locus of control is "external," or outside of you.

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    2. The place/person who has authority in a situation. In ethics, a locus of authority problem is when there is disagreement over who has authority over a situation.

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    2. can it be a starting point or (point of the) origin (in math)? Like for measuring distance, speed, scale or so on. "Locus of reference" sounds quite abstract and vague to me. How would you describe "reference" here? Thank you!

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    2. locus of power places to surf locus is a more abstract term maybe.

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    2. locus = a place that is the center of a kind of activity; for example, the music room is the locus for the orchestra club; Silicon Valley is the locus of the technology world core = the most important part or aspect of something; for example, the city core is where its government buildings and major businesses are; the core responsibilities of a doctor are to heal patients and do no harm nucleus = a small group of people or things that are essential to something and that other people or things gather around; the nucleus of an atom is the protons and neutrons at the center which electrons orbit around; the nucleus of a corporation is its CEO and its board of directors kernel = the most important or fundamental part of an idea, almost exclusively used in the fixed phrase "a kernel of truth" (= a fundamental true idea found in a larger concept that may or may not be true)

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    2. What does loci mean? Is it Korean?

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