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    2. It’s referring to politics. Someone who is “far left” (supports far left politics). And “loon” is another way to say “crazy person”.

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    2. Crazy person She’s a raving loon (lunatic), dump her before you do something stupid!

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    2. "Timid" generally means something like 'lacking in confidence' or 'shy', but it's not 100% clear, from this sentence, what he/she means by it. The author wrote "there's something timid about...", meaning he/she didn't specify what it is. It was probably just the 'feeling' that they got when watching it. It might mean something like "pulled-back" or "more reserved". The author is also suggesting that this take is unexpected and that, maybe, it was made this way to make the play more appealing for audiences, since it's a different and new approach that people might find interesting.

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    2. ... the wife, as played by Hepburn, comes off as... => the way Hepburn plays the role of the wife makes the wife seem like... ... the wife ... comes off as an ever-cheerful peacemaker => the impression from the wife is that she is an ever-cheerful peacemaker ... rather than as Frances Sternhagen played her... => in contrast to the way Frances Sternhagen made her appear when she played the character ...decidedly more upbeat than her husband, but just as strong... => In Sternhagen version, the wife appeared to be more upbeat than the husband, but equally strong (as strong as the husband = 夫と同じくらい強い)

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