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Q: What does loosey as a goosey mean?
A: It’s “Loosey Goosey”. Meaning carefree and fun. Not stressed and uptight.
Q: What does ​​What does let's get a loosey goosey going mean? mean?
A: Uhh where did you hear that from? It sounds like to me like the person is saying they want sex.
Q: What does let's get a loosey goosey going mean?
A: "Loosey-goosey" is an American adjective which means relaxed and comfortable.

I'd ask the Americans for a good explanation. : )

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Q: What is the difference between loosey goosey and wibbly-wobbly, wishy-washy ?
A: Loosey-goosey: visibly relaxed; not tense.
Wibbly-wobbly: describing something that wobbles or a thing that is unbalanced.
Wishy-washy: lacking follow-through or determination.

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Q: What does it mean "loosey goosey"?
A: super loose.

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