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Q: I watch the Lotus fountain show in Nguyen Hue Street during my trip.
I want to use this in part of my photo story. Please correct me.
A: I watched the Lotus fountain show ...

You only made one mistake. The word "watch" should be "watched" (past tense).
Q: Lotus began to bloom in Team Lab Borderless just before we leave the artwork.
Does it sound natural?
No, but I don’t know the context.
Q: Lotus and Hope launched the new track bike for the team UK for Tokyo Olympic. It looks really cool.

The price for the bike is about £14000, but it means they won't sell them for ordinal cyclists. Tkey are made only for olympic athletes. Does this sound natural?
A: Lotus and Hope have launched the new track bike that will be used by Team Great Britain in the upcoming Tokyo Olympics.

This cool bike comes with a large price tag of around £14000. Unfortunately for cycling enthusiasts, these bikes are reserved exclusively for Olympic athletes.

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