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    2. Is she conscious and able to think clearly?

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    2. {"Lucid" can mean "clear/transparent/easy to understand" or "bright"} Her dreams were so "lucid", she thought she was awake. The sky is filled with "lucid" stars tonight. The paintings in the art museum were easier to understand thanks to the guide's "lucid" explanations. It was easy to drive through the "lucid" fog.

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    2. Transparent is what you would call something that is see through. Lucid means expressed clearly or easy to understand. "I had a lucid dream"

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    2. They mean the same thing, but lucid is used less often. For example, you can say “The sky is clear” but you would not say “The sky is lucid

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    2. To level means to bring something in line. so the character was looking down and looked up to level his gaze (bring his eyes in to direct line of sight). Hope that helps!

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    2. Maybe what a lucid answer or what a clear answer.

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    2. In my opinion, this is excellent! However, “amplify” is a bit of an unusual choice in this sentence (but it does still make sense). I’d replace “amplify” with “increase,” “heighten” or “intensify” :)

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    2. A : I had a weird dream last night. B : What kind of dream? A : Well, I was aware that I was in a dream. And I could control the dream, so I was flying in it. You know what I mean? B : Oh, I think that's a lucid dream? I had heard of it before but I didn’t believe it was real. If it is possible, It’s so amazing! A : Neither did I! I also didn't believe it, but I now know that it's real! B : How do you do it though? A : Apparently, if you want to have a lucid dream, you should lie in bed and autosuggest continually before falling into the dream. B : Is that all? A : I guess If you try it repeatedly, someday you will have it. B : Wow I'll try it someday. A : Good luck! Have you ever had a weird dream? B : Yes! I had a strange dream when I was 19. I saw a pod of dolphins. One of them swam around me so I touched her and she smiled at me. A : What a beautiful dream! Did you find out what a dolphin means in a dream? B : Of course! Surprisingly, dreaming about dolphins is a sign of luck, success or something like that! You know what happened next? I got an accepted to my first choice university and here I am! A : Wow, what a wonderful story! I want to dream something lucky like you! Unit.10 A : Hey! Have you ever heard about Han Hyun-min? B : I heard of him but I don’t know exactly who he is. I only know his name. A : You know, he is an up-and-coming star. He is a teen model. B : Really? I don't know much about him. A : 2016 Seoul Fashion Week was his first show. After his debut, he began to gain notoriety and made headlines. B : Let me Google him. … I just found an interesting article about him. He is one of the most influential teenagers in 2017 in Time Magazine. That's amazing! Oh, he has an exotic look. A: Yeah. You know, he has darker skin than other koreans because of his parents. His father is Nigerian and his mother is Korean. B: Ah, I see! A: I've read some interviews about him before. Evidently, he was alienated because of his skin color when he was young. Someone even said, “Don't play with him everyone. If you play with him, you will become darker too." B: They should't have said that! I mean, that's too cruel to a little boy. That must have been a very hard time for him. A : Yeah, that's what i'm saying. B : But if he had listened to them and never embraced his look, he may never have become a star. Despite all negative conditions, he made it, didn't he? A: Yes, he did. I really admire his effort.

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    2. Okay, thank you.

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    2. If I describe lucid dreams, I'd say that you are aware of the dream while sleeping.

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