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Q: What does lunchbox imposters mean?
A: lunchbox = a container that children use to carry food to school
impostor = something that appears to be something it is not; a fake thing

It looks like it's the the name of a television episode where children have to cook desserts that look like common school lunches.

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Q: What is the difference between make lunchbox for my child and prepare lunchbox for my child ?
A: "Make lunchbox" sounds like you're making the box with your hands, like you're building the box.
"Prepare" means that you are preparing the food that will go in the lunchbox= preparing the lunchbox. the second one is correct.
Q: What is the difference between I will take a lunchbox for you and I will take a lunchbox to you ?
A: Yes. ;;

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Q: I am sorry that I couldn't make a lunchbox for you this morning. does this sound natural?
A: We usually say I'm instead of I am. It's just easier to say. Unless you want to stress that I AM sorry. The audio explains what I mean.

I'm sorry. v I AM sorry.
Q: the lunchbox was Im eat dalicous yesterday. does this sound natural?
A: the lunchbox I ate yesterday was delicious.
Q: A: I’m Sorry. I fall asleep before I knew it.
A: I’ll be late to work because I’ll make a lunchbox.
B: OK!
A: I’m on my way. I am ***station.
B: I am the nearest station.
A: You just left your house! :)
B: Yes!
does this sound natural?
A: You're welcome! And that sounds fine for B. (I am at the nearest station to my house.)
Q: When I was carrying my lunchbox from the shop to my seat, it fell from my hands and scattered on the ground..that's pretty a terrible memory... does this sound natural?
A: @BBCNN: You say, "That's a pretty terrible memory" Just switch the two words

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