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Q: What does lush mean?
A: A lush area has a lot of green, healthy plants, grass, and trees:
Q: What does lush mean?
A: "Lush" refers to vegetation or plants having a lot of growth. For example, a "lush forest" means a forest that has a lot of trees, grass, and other types of plants.
Q: What does lush mean?
A: is correct.

Also, for US slang, it is a slang for someone who is drunk or someone who likes to drink a lot of alcoholic beverages.

Sometimes, it is also a slang for something very pleasing and pretty to the eye. That's why there's a cosmetic company called "Lush."
Q: What does lush mean?
A: Lush is used when talking about food or sometimes fashion depending where you are from. it means good. lovely tasty or beautiful
Q: What does lush mean?
A: "Lush" fundamentally means "rich, thick, full", e.g. "lush grass", "lush hair". It also has a sense of "divine", since touching lush grass or lush hair gives us a divine feeling. Thus, "lush violins" give us an idea of the smooth, divine sounds of the violins.

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Q: Please show me example sentences with lush out .
A: I guess it's Lash out not lush out.
1. She was having difficulty in controlling her anger and suddenly lash out and hit other children.
2.He become overly sensitive and lash out emotionally.
3.Let's lash out and have some dinner.
4.You can't afford to lash out on an air-conditioner?
Q: Please show me example sentences with lush.
A: The greenery in my garden is very lush
Q: Please show me example sentences with lush.
A: She glanced around the lush hills。

Protected from the harsh winter storms, the valley was already lush and green.

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Q: What is the difference between lush and juicy ?
A: Lush is often used to refer to plants or nature. It refers to very thick/dense foliage.
“The tree has a very lush canopy of leaves”
Juicy, refers to how wet something is, generally a food item.
“The juicy steak” or “the orange was very juicy”
In English a drink made from the liquid of a fruit is called “juice”

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