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    2. thanks! happy new year!

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    2. “Walked, fished, made.”

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    2. 2. Zelinskiy was borned on the 25th of January 1861 (or January 25th 1861) in a small quiet Moldavian town called Tiraspol. There were not any theaters, libraries or even grammar schools in Tiraspol. Zelinskiy belonged to a noble family. His parents died due to tuberculosis early in Zelinskiy’s life so he had been brought up by his grandmother. Zelinskiy’s grandmother helped him as he developed both physically and mentally. The biographes of Zelinskiy believe that what his grandmother did, was to help him as he evolved into a scientist. Characteristics Zelinskiy’s grandmother help him develop included: high adherence to principles, responsibility, modesty, kindness, responsiveness, and a love for people. In Spring 1872 Zelinskiy graduated from a county school and in august 1872 he was accepted into Richelieu's grammar school. He was one of the best students because of his abilities. In high school Zelinskiy became acquainted with chemistry for the first time. 20 years ago Mendeleev was begining his scientific activity.

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    2. (6)In 1880, after Zelinskiy graduated from grammar school, he joined the Natural Department of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics in Novorossiysk university. In 1885, Nicolay went to aboard for an internship for two years. He worked in the laboratory of Wislicenus in Leipzig and in the laboratory of Meyer in Göttingen. (7)In the second laboratory he was synthesizing tetrahydrothiophene but he unexpectedly got poisoning. Zelinskiy made intermediate product - dichloroethyl sulfide. After 30 years it was used by German army at the Battle of Ypres and killed thousands of people. Later on, it became known as iprit. (8)In 1888 scientists came back to Odessa and began to teach in the university. In 1891, Zelinskiy defended a doctoral dissertation. In 1893, before his death, he taught as professor in Moscow university. Hope I was able to help!

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