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    2. ​‎ My College Life I was so excited when I entered college. Everything seemed fresh and interesting to me. I was so excited that I would soon enjoy my college life. As we all know, many people favor the idea that the college life is free and comfortable; but I'd like to say it's not true. As a matter of fact, life in college is so tiring (exhausting). For example, we have to do exercise every morning, self-study every night, and not allowed to play on our cellphones. The management of the dormitory is very strict, they’re more strict than my senior high school system. However, this is my first impression of college life. As time gose on, I’m getting used to this life. Here I can make a lot of friends of different majors. College provides me with a stage where I can show myself and be myself. In addition, there are more opportunities for me to improve myself. I believe college life is an important stage in my life. Now I’m gradually falling in love with my college life, whether it's the people or anything college has to offer. I cherish this time, though it is only two years, it will remain in my precious memories forever. ————- Hope this helps 😊

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