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    2. Good.

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    2. My hobby is to play instruments. I play the piano, mandolin, and koto - a traditional Japanese instrument. I have been playing the piano for about 20 years, although I haven't been playing it lately, since I did not bring it with me to my new home. I started playing the mandolin when I was a high school student. Originally, the mandolin is native to Italy. The flat mandolin, however, is native to America. I founded/joined a mandolin club, and even played it in an orchestra. I brought my mandolin to my new home, and I'm looking for a place where I can play it. I played the koto when I was a university student. Being a traditional instrument, it is played in the "seiza" style. Do you know what that is? It is a Japanese performance style where one sits on the ankles. My legs often went numb when I played it. But the sound of the koto is very beautiful. I think it sounds similar to that of a harp. ------------------ I changed the sentence about the flat mandolin a little bit cause I didn't know what you meant. :) Also, "belinged" doesn't exist, maybe you meant "belonged to"...anyway, I changed that to founded (meaning created)/joined (became a member). ^^

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    2. It's all totally understandable. 👍 I went over it and changed some small things. ------ I belong to the faculty of Engineering and the department of Chemical Science and Engineering, specializing in chemistry. I get up at 5:00, and take a train to ○ station. It takes 1.5h. And I walk - no climb - to this university from the station. So now I’m tired and very sleepy. My hobbies are to playing tennis and classic guitar. I belong to the tennis club and mandolin club. I’m a very very kind person. That’s all. Thank you for listening. --------------- - I wasn't sure what you mean "specializing in chemical" - it's not really grammatically correct. I assume you meant "chemistry". - "to reach there" isn't necessary and sounds a bit unnatural. - we generally say hobbies in the "ing" tense.. playing tennis, playing guitar. - as a side note - (I'm from America) I'm not sure what "classic guitar" is. We do have "classical" guitar which is just an acoustic guitar (google it). But if you mean Mandolin you should just say Mandolin. - (maybe a cultural note) "I'm a very very kind person" is a little strange to say about yourself (maybe in the same way you wouldn't use honorifics about yourself in Japanese). I would probably change it to something like "I try to be a very kind person - so come say hello!" or something like that.

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