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Q: What does He addressed us in an urgent manner. mean?
A: He told them of something rather time sensitive. Or important.
Communicating something important or highly sensitive
Q: What does in a manner of speaking mean?
A: The phrase "in a manner of speaking" means kind of, sort of, in some way. For example, say I didn't do my homework, I actually had my brother do it all. My mom asks me "Did you do all your homework?" I might say "In a manner of speaking, yes."
Q: What does What manner mischief this be? mean?
A: Mischief is to playfully misbehave and manner is doing something a certain way. It is ordered in a weird way but I think that is just the way the troll talks in the movie. Hope this helps you
Q: What does manner mean?
A: dependiendo de la situación tiene diferentes significados como por ejemplo manera, modo, estilo, conducta, manera de ser...
Q: What does manner of motion mean?
A: It refers to the direction of the movement (into, out of, across, etc.)

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Q: Please show me example sentences with Timely manner

Hello everyone! I hope you all are having a great time.

Please, would you mind helping me to understand those two words? I would be happy and grateful to learn from you.

Thanks a whole lot in advance for your time and patience with me. .
A: Hello!

"Timely manner" means to do something on time. You would realistically only say it with "in a" before it - "in a timely manner."

timely = on time; useful; relevant
manner = behaviour; attitude; style

"I finished my work in a timely manner."
"The Covid-19 vaccine will be distributed in a timely manner."

It's quite a formal expression, so you might not hear it in everyday life. Any adult English speaker would know what it means though. I hope that helps!
Q: Please show me example sentences with in such a manner that.
A: "She dances in such a manner that you can tell she's been training for years and years."
"He talks in such a manner that it can be difficult to understand what his main point is."
Q: Please show me example sentences with manner.
A: How dare you behave in such a manner!

He has such nice manners.

You can tell from their manner of speaking.
Q: Please show me example sentences with manner.
A: he has very good manners
Q: Please show me example sentences with manner !!.
A: Check the question to view the answer

Synonyms of "Manner" and their differences

Q: What is the difference between manner and etiquette ?
A: Etiquette is usually an expected behavior for a certain activity or setting. Such as "Though he had poor table etiquette". Mannor is usually used to describe a person or groups way of doing something. Such as "he sat at the table in a calm and collected manner."
Q: What is the difference between rude manner and rude attitude ?
A: Rude mannersと言うのは日本だったら靴に履いたまま家に入るとか誰かのスピーチを聞きながらあくびをすることです.

Rude attitudeとはわがままで文句ばかり言ったりして態度がよくないってことです。
Q: What is the difference between manner and manners ?
A: Manners are being polite, like saying please and thank you. For example: She had no manners; she could of least said thank you.

Manner is how something is done or how you do something. For example: She spoke in a rude manner.

Q: What is the difference between a manner of ~ and a way of~ ?
A: They mean the same. 'a manner of' is more formal.
Q: What is the difference between manner and way and method ?
A: Ah, excellent question! And tricky because they can be synonymous.

In general you can use these interchangeably to indicate how something occurs or how someone behaves.

"He spoke in an aggressive manner."
"The way he spoke was aggressive."
"His method of speaking was aggressive."

Manner is always used in this fashion. You may have heard the term "poor manners" which means that person is impolite and has bad behavior.

Way can be used to mean behavior, but also can mean a course of action towards an objective. In this way it is also synonymous with method.

"She showed us the right way to tie our shoes."
"She showed us the correct method for tying our shoes."

"Way" has over a dozen definitions, but don't feel overwhelmed by it. It's a word you get the hang of from conversation.

Some random examples:

"He is way too far out at sea!"
(Way used to imply distance)

"Way to go!"
(Term of encouragement and congratulations)

Translations of "Manner"

Q: How do you say this in English (US)? 1. Please be a good manner , or
Please be good manner?

2. Do you want Mum pretending to be a penguin?
Do you want Mum to pretend to be a penguin?
A: 1. Please have good manners

2. Do you want Mum to pretend to be a penguin?
Q: How do you say this in English (UK)? later on in a formal manner

(Upon delving) deeper

“Additionally, the text further explores the same idea in ..... “

“The same idea is prevalent upon delving deeper in the text”

Q: How do you say this in English (UK)? “If you teach English in this reliable manner,I assume you know this language very well”
A: Those are also correct.
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? manner? can it be used as a verb
A: Manner is a noun only.

Other questions about "Manner"

Q: What does "the manner suicide" mean?

A medical examiner has officially declared Kate Spade’s death suicide by hanging, nearly two days after the fashion designer was found dead in her New York City apartment.

In a statement to PEOPLE, a spokesperson for New York’s Office of the Chief Medical Examiner said the agency determined Spade’s cause of death to be hanging and the manner suicide. The declaration comes as friends and family members open up about the final months of the 55-year-old’s life
A: In this context, “the manner suicide” means that she hung herself and it was not a murder. “The manner [of death was] suicide”
Q: Ex) It is bad manner"s" to slurp spaghetti.

Q1) This sentence begins with "It is". Why the object "manner" has "s"(the plural)?

Q2) I think the word, "manner" is uncountable. Why it can be the plural?
A: “Manners” has the ‘s’ at the end as it is referring to all characteristics associated to bad manners in the particular situation. “Manner” is used when specifically talking about one characteristic.
I’ll give you an example of ‘manner’ and ‘manners’

“I do not appreciate the manner in which he spoke to me.”

“They acted in a strange manner.”

“You need to show your good manners in front of your grandparents.”

“It is clear that they have very bad manners.”
I hope this made sense to you, and I hope it helped! Feel free to ask me anything if you’re unsure.
Q: I don't think the public manner has improved. I see people littering cigarette butt on the street and cutting into the line instead of waiting. does this sound natural?
A: I don't think (DELETE THE WORD THE) public manner(S) (HAVE) improved. I (STILL) see people littering cigarette butt(S) on the street and cutting (IN) line instead of waiting.
Q: The manner of bicyclers tends to be bad. Bicyclers are riding while ignoring the traffic rules. It's so dangerous. In some local governments like Osaka city, we have to buy bicycle insurance. does this sound natural?
A: Manners should be plural to refer to manners in general.

Otherwise, we'd specify which manner is bad. The manner in which bicyclists tend to pass pedestrians is reckless.

Use cyclists or bicyclists instead of bicyclers.
Q: What is the best manner to introduce myself? with the first name or with the last name?
A: When you want to be friendly and informal, use your first name. When you want to introduce yourself for business, use your first and last name. When you are showing up for an appointment (such as with a doctor or a reservation at a restaurant), use your last name.

1. "Nice to meet you, Claire. I'm Jeffrey."
2. "Pleasure to meet you, Mr. Jones. I'm Jeffrey Garson."
3. "Hi, I have an appointment for Garson at 10:00."

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