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Q: What does “I’m on maternity leave (it was in a text related to work and job) “ mean?
A: I won’t go to work for several months, because I just had a baby.
Q: What does Maternity and maternity ward mean?
A: Maternity is an adjective describing things related to pregnancy or childbirth; a maternity ward is the area within a hospital where childbirth occurs
Q: What does to replace a maternity mean?
A: Thanks, I asked the same person she said that’s what you mean
Q: What does maternity mean?
A: it means 'relating to pregnancy'. So:
- a 'maternity ward' is the part of a hospital that deals with newborn babies
- 'maternity leave' is when parents get time off work to look after their newborn children

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Q: Please show me example sentences with maternity leave .
A: She just had a baby so she is on maternity leave.
In a couple weeks she will be going on maternity leave.
She is returning to work from maternity leave.

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Q: What is the difference between She took a maternity leave last year. and She took maternity leave last year. ?
A: "She took maternity leave last year." is more natural.
Q: What is the difference between maternity and motherhood ?
A: To me I think of maternity when a soon to be mother is going through the terms of pregnancy while for motherhood, I think of it when a mother has given birth to the baby and is now a mother and is ready to go through the steps of motherhood while raising her child

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? 元気に戻ってきて、また一緒にお仕事できるのを楽しみにしています(maternity leaveに入る時のboss へのメールの返事で)

I look forward to working with you again when you come back!
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? maternity leave
A: maternity leave

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Q: I am getting maternity leave till next year, so I decided to learn English.
My goal is using English in business and I wanna be assigned a new post abroad in my company.
At first I have watched TV drama, “desparate housewives” to improve listening comprehension. It’s really fun and I’m into that, but it turned out my English will never improve by that method. Because today I watched it without subtitle, I cannot understand almost all of their conversation.
So I changed my method to read script and research what phrases I cant understand means. It is really hard for me because there are too much phrases I have never seen. does this sound natural?
A: To be honest, you sound almost fluent. You make some mistakes when it comes to verbs when there’s a plural, but apart from that I don’t see a problem really. Your method to learn English is good, but if you want to start it easy and improve little by little, I’d recommend downloading some apps. For example, Duolingo, Memrise and even this one if you have questions that need to be answered quickly.
Q: ​‎My maternity leave ended on February 25th. currently I used my unpaid leave started from 26th. Due to the health recovery I want to request you if I can go back to work on May 2th after May Day.
Look forward your response. does this sound natural?
A: My maternity leave ended on February 25th. I started using my unpaid leave on the 26th. Due to health recovery, I want to request if I can go back to work on May 2nd, after May Day. I look forward to your response.
Q: I am going to take maternity leave since this May. does this sound natural?
A: Take out the "since"
Q: They take maternity leaves. does this sound natural?
A: This is a difficult question. Grammatically I would think "maternity leaves" is correct, but I don't think I've ever heard maternity leave used in the plural, so I would say the singular is correct. Maternity leave sounds more natural to me and it's what I would use.
Q: There is noting that it will not change maternity leave already available to employees worldwide.

Does that mean 'there is that it will change...'?
A: I think its saying that there are notes (noting) indicating that maternity leave that is currently available to employees worldwide is not being changed

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