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Q: What does meager mean?
A: I'm pretty sure it means a small amount

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Q: Please show me example sentences with meager.
A: there was a meager amount of food left

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Q: What is the difference between meager and frugal ?
A: "Meager" tends to mean "thin" or "lacking", while "frugal" tends to mean "economical."

"Living a meager life" has a sad connotation, implying they have few things. "Living a frugal life" is more neutral, implying they are choosing cheaper goods.

Q: What is the difference between meager and poor ?
A: Meagre is often use with wages. Poor is used to describe a person who is lacking in material wealth or something intangible.

He is very poor and only takes one meal a day.
He works 12 hours a day and gets paid a meagre wage of $20.
Q: What is the difference between meager and incomplete ?
A: Meager = a small amount.

Incomplete = not finished.


1) We have a meager amount of food right now.

2) The report is still incomplete, we must finish writing it.
Q: What is the difference between meager and palty ?
A: There is very little difference between these two words.

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