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Q: What does what's the meaning of “what's it a dupe for” I found it at some comments for cosmetics at Instagram. mean?
A: They are asking which “branded” product is similar to the one being posted. Example only: This facial cleanser named Xxxxx has the same function as that “branded” item by Shu Umera / Estee Lauder.
Q: What does meaning of if not and unless is same? mean?
A: Unless means if...not
example: You cannot go into bars unless you are over 18.
example2: You can't go on vacation unless you save some money.
I wish my answer can help you
Q: What does what is the meaning of “real bad” in following sentence?? “He used to stutter real bad” mean?
A: it means “really” basically
Q: What does What's the meaning of
Chocolate starfish
Starfish navigation system

These are from the song 'Livin it up - Limp bizkit'

Do they have any figurative meaning? or just have literal meaning? mean?
A: It's figurative. The lyrics are inappropriate, so I'm sorry if it's too offensive!

Chocolate starfish is slang for a butthole, or anus. Chocolate = poop, and starfish is the shape of the butthole. So, he is talking about sex.
Q: What does please explain me the meaning of this picture mean?
A: This type of image is called a meme.
The situation in the picture is like when your friend tells you to look at a certain person, but you shouldn't make it obvious or that certain person might notice. But you still look at that certain person in an obvious manner.

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Q: Please show me example sentences with rather (and the meaning).
A: Updated to include explanations.

I would rather you pick my answer as best.

I would rather not get up today.
(I don't want to get up today.)
Would you rather we stay home?
(We can stay home, if thats what you want.)
No, I would rather go to Disney Land.
(No, instead of that, I want to go to Disney Land. { Sarcasm } )
Well I would rather you just stop.
(I want you to stop)

Do you like playing the game, Would You Rather?
(In this case it is the name of a game.)
I'd rather have my eyes plucked out then play that game.
(No, I don't want to play that game. { Again this has sarcasm } )

We can either eat out or cook some mac and cheese, which would you rather have?
(Do you want fast food or macaroni)

Are you going to vote for Trump or Hillary, because I'd rather choose a third party candidate.
(I don't like Trump or Hillary, which do you like)
Q: Please show me example sentences with ,if i may, like this.and its meaning..
A: 1) Hare: I was walking through a forest when I saw a hare. A hair is like a big rabbit.
2) Away: Get away from the fire. Away means to moves out of the way.
3) Most likely: she is most likely to dance soon. Most likely is like probably.
4) receptive: He didn't seem receptive. It means he didn't listen do any ideas
5) Gravely: He looked at them gravely. Means he looked at them a bit angrily.
6)plausible: be plausible. It means to be reasonable.
7) All that: Clean up all that mess. Mean more than one thing.
8) Present. Present your work. It means to show someone something.
9) If I may: If I may have some food. You are asking permission.
10)fumbled: in fumbled. To be confused.
Q: Please show me example sentences with "and yet" (similar meaning to though).
A: North Korea is an extremely poor country yet it has strong military.

He was smart yet still was lacking empathy.

Early modernists ideas seemed utopian and yet attractive to many architects.
Q: Please show me example sentences with detached and its meaning.
A: It means separate/not connected
Example: The houses in that neighborhood are detached from one another.
Q: Please show me example sentences with kill(not the literal meaning but used as idiom or slang).
A: Kill, verb.
1. to be very successful with or to perform well for an audience: "She really killed it out on stage."

2. to eat or drink all of something: "We finally killed the last of the turkey."

3. to douse or turn off a light: "Kill the lights, please."

4. to stop or terminate something; to quash a story; to stop a story from being printed: "Kill that story. It's got too many errors."

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Q: What is the difference between what is the meaning and what does it mean ?
A: They mean exactly the same thing. "What does it mean?" is more common, but both phrases are used, and both sound natural and normal.
Q: What is the difference between I to write "I can't find the meaning" and "I don't find the meaning " ?
A: I can't find the meaning is the proper way to say it.
Q: What is the difference between 'who' (not the meaning of "Who "in the sentence "Who you are.",I mean the another meaning of it.) and 'whose' and 'whom' ?
A: "The girl who leapt through time." The word 'who' shows that the person who 'leapt through time' is 'the girl'. If you just said "The girl leapt through time" that would be past tense. However the girl who leapt through time would be her title or name. (I hope you understand) if you used "whose" it wouldnt make sense "the girl whose leapt through time" because 'whose' is a word which shows that the next part of the sentance belongs to 'the girl'. A sentance with whose in: "whose shoes are these?" (who do these shoes belong to) Lastly, whom has the same meaning of who (in the meaning of who you are talking about) it is not used as much because it sounds very formal. you normally read it in important documents or old stories for example. An example: "whom did he marry?" (Who did he marry?) Please ask if you have aby questions.
Q: What is the difference between meaning and sense ?
A: Meaning its the translation in other language; sense its when something is illogical
Q: What is the difference between meaning of the coordinator OR called exclusive and the one called inclusive ?
A: Exclusive or means that you can have A or B, but you can't have both A and B.
Inclusive or means that you can have A or B, and you can also have both A and B.

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? ‎What's the meaning? : ‎I’m chillin
A: chilling - when you're doing nothing or just resting
I'm chilling means like " I'm just doing nothing"
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? 연봉제? what is the meaning?
A: annual salary system
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? What's the meaning of "pull that stick out of your nether regions" ? i've google it but nothing i could find😥😥 plz plz answer for me🙏🙏🙏
A: The real way to say that is “pull that stick out of your ass” but what you said is the non-explicit version. Try googling that. It basically means stop acting so uptight though. But depending on context it could mean something else. Could you explain how it was said to you?
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? [[ What is the meaning of these idiomatic expressions : 👇🏻 and when to use them? ]]
A: Hi LoloAz!

1- On the go= in a rush, quickly
on the go مثلا: لدينا في امريكا مطاعم "الطعام السريع" هذا ياكله الشخص
If you do something on the go, it means you do it fast whether it is a word you say, an action you do, a thought you have, or just an anticipation.
2- Play the field= I don't hear this phrase a lot.. maybe because it has a negative connotation😂
افضل مثال لهذه العبارة هو بيت شعر دونته قبل فترة:
كريشة بمهب الريح "ساقطة" لا تستقر على حال من القلق
In other words, it's like a person who tries many things but never sets his/her mind on one thing in particular.
3- Jump the gun=
To hurry up and say something or do something in the wrong time or earlier in time.
اراك في الشارع مثلا, انت تقولي كيف حا... وانا اجيب قبل الوقت "جيد وانت؟" ..لك؟

In this situation, I jumped the gun by responding before it was my turn:)

Hope it helps, let me know if you have more questions!
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? .

what is the meaning of the word "sentential"

A: The way I see it, these people are learning English and SENTENTIAL is a a word that could come up in a grammar or other linguistic text. That's why it didn't surprise me to see it here.

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Q: what’s the meaning of “it don’t matter”?
I thought it was some sort of meme or something, but it doesn’t look like it and I have no idea. why would people say this?
A: It's an informal slang way to say it doesn't matter.
I would compare "It don't matter / It doesn't matter" to 「こんちゃ/こんにちは」。
Both are shortened ways of saying their meanings.
Q: What is the meaning of this sentence?
Once again I'm on that side of youtube where I don't what am I watching but it's 2am and I don't care
A: Videos on your recommended are usually weird. However, because it's 2 am, you don't really care as your a bit tired and in the mood for anything.
To sum up:
They're making a joke about how what they're is weird but they don't care because they're in a state of tiredness.
Q: What is the meaning of this sentence?
"Just hittin up the mac with me pals when the fokkin cashier began screaming 69, funniest shite i’ve ever sen bruv"
A: This is slang. the narrator went to MacDonald with friends and the person giving the orders out began screaming "69", the person telling the story found it funny.

would you like me to break it down?
Q: What is the meaning of this sentence?
"Just hittin up the mac with me pals when the fokkin cashier began screaming 69, funniest shite i’ve ever sen bruv"
A: I think you need a Brit to translate this one. Just joking.
I was at the mac (not sure what this means) with my friends when the (fucking) cashier began screaming 69, funniest shit (thing) I've ever seen, friend
Q: What is the meaning of this text?

Attention is your scarcest resource
Like many people, I have most of my best ideas in the shower.
This is sometimes annoying
I could use more than one shower’s worth of good ideas a day, but I’d rather not end up as a shrivelled yet insightful prune.
A: "Attention Is Your Scarcest Resource" is the title of the piece. It means that when you are working being able to focus and not allow yourself to be distracted should be treated as an asset.

The author states that some of his best ideas come when he is not being distracted; for example, when he is in the shower. He thinks that if he took many of showers a day he would get a lot of good ideas, but he realizes that if he did that the skin on his hands and feet would become wrinkly like a prune. He says he wouldn't want to become a prune, even if the prune was full of dood ideas.

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