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    2. "To lock" here means "to prevent movement", "seize". 掴む? Jack (a tool to lift things) cannot move, because mechanical and hydraulic parts are positioned to prevent it.

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    2. This does not have obvious meaning.

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    2. Yes, supposedly works. If you want to convey doubt, supposedly does that. Or you can say reportedly. That sounds objective. But if you believe it does, "vehicle can get" conveys that.

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    2. I have some corrections for you, but this is really, really good! Change "which" to "that" "This school is a distinguished boys’ high school that mainly aims to have students enter famous universities." This is in the past (and Neil is no longer alive) so use past tense: "One student named Neil, who was diligent, gentle and smart, but would do everything his father said, was inspired by it and decided to pursue his passion, which was theater." Always use a comma before a conjunction like "but" that combines two complete sentences: "Then he got the main part in a school play, but his father forbade him from participating in it." This sounds more natural: "This time he disobeyed him and performed in the play." You use "he" quite a bit. I can tell when you're talking about Neil rather than when you're talking about the father, but it might be clearer if you use "Neil" instead of "he" more often. "which made him commit suicide" is okay, but I think "so he committed suicide" makes more sense. I made some other corrections too: "With this, he was crushed and had no hope in living the mundane life his father had decided for him, so he committed suicide." Change to past tense: "... how great it was to pursue his passion." Change "wants" to past tense. "As he got to know such a passionate and great teacher, he was able to find what he wanted to work hard at." Change "which" to "that". "Participating in the school play is probably the first thing that he decided to do against his father's wishes." "It is really wonderful that he was able to know how great it is to make his own decisions, even if it ironically caused his death." "It is obvious that Mr. Keating taught much more important things than the other teachers, who mechanically taught only what they were supposed to teach, and gave light to him." I'd get rid of "and gave light to him" in the previous sentence because it's at the end of such a long sentence. It's up to you though. "... even though the principal ordered them to stop." You're talking about a past event that happened before another past event, so use "had asked". "They remembered that Mr. Keating had asked the students to call him “Oh captain, my captain” as a joke." "Unfree" is in the dictionary, but it sounds odd, so I'd avoid using it. "... which kept them from being free." Change "obedience" to "disobedience". "They took action on their own just as Neil did and Mr. Keating taught."

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