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    2. Arbitration - is an official settling of a disagreement between people by set strict rules. Mediation - is solving problems without strict rules usually so that both parties (groups of people) are satisfied with the solution.

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    2. A mediator has no power and is there to help the people come to a conclusion. An arbitrator has the power to decide the dispute.

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    2. Mediation is usually informal, like a negotiation. The mediator is a third party, who helps two disputing sides find a solution to their problem. The mediator is neutral (doesn't take either parties side, remains fair) making sure everyone is agreement with the solution Arbitration is like a court process because the opposing sides give testimony, like in a trial but it is usually less formal

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    2. In negotiation, two or more people try to come to an agreement with each other. A negotiation can use a mediator. A mediator is a person who is not going to be part of the final agreement; they just try to help the other people agree more easily. A negotiation that uses a mediator is called a mediation.

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