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Q: What does memorabilia mean?
A: "Memorabilia" describes "objects kept or collected because of their associations with memorable people or events."

For example:
"A collector of Elvis memorabilia may find an Elvis watch a great addition to their collection."

Hope this helps :)
Q: What does memorabilia mean?
A: souvenir/memorabilia

an object that reminds you of an important event or place or person.

it has sentimental value. 😊
Q: What does memorabilia mean?
A: Check the question to view the answer

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Q: What is the difference between memorabilia and souvenir ?
A: "memorabilia" is uncountable, there is no plural form and it's not possible to say "a memorabilia"

An individual souvenir would be an example of memorabilia, like a fridge magnet you bought on holiday.

Not all memorabilia are souvenirs; a record signed by John Lennon would be an item of Beatles memorabilia but it's not a souvenir.

Q: What is the difference between memorabilia store and souvenir shop ?
A: A souvenir shop is aimed at tourists. They usually provide stuff that tourists can buy as keepsakes or as little gifts to give to friends and family back home. Memorabilia stores are not aimed at tourists, but are aimed at collectors. They sell, usually quite expensive, collectibles. This can be signed posters, items from film sets etc. Usually these items are 'one of a kind'.

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