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    2. I see. Thanks for your comment.

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    2. In English there isn't much of a difference. However, when you see clothes advertised in a store, they will be advertised as 'menswear.' When you are talking about them, you will say 'men's clothes.' But they mean the same thing.

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    2. 1. I think we can consider this question in four different dimensions. Firstly, it's about understanding the customers and telling them the exact products they need. Because we are living in a desire economy, the majority of people have all the things they need already. So you have to ensure that your customers want what you have. Emotional pull is central to brand attractiveness, rather than functional product performance. Secondly, advertising, which is a process of informing and influencing customers, can also bring added value to your products. Customers in different stages of life and in different areas have self-preferred advertising methods. With the development of new technology, media advertising has become more digital and flexible. By focusing on different target customers, you have to make equally suitable and creative advertisements. The third is about pricing. Up to 80% of consumer decisions are made at the point of purchase, so all necessary sales promotion can be made during the marketing phase. However, at the same time, you have to make sure you are making a profit from the method you choose. There are a lot of pricing methods, such as captive-product pricing, product bundle pricing, and competition-based pricing, and each requires a level of caution when you use them. Last is about estimating current demand and the future market, allowing you to make better plans to match potential customers. If you'd like me to keep editing the rest, let me know.

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