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Q: What does when are you going to get the message? mean?
A: For example, imagine if a guy kept asking her out and she always says no or has excuses not to meet him.

he keeps asking and she is getting annoyed. she might say " when are you going to get the message? "

the message in this case is that she does not like him.

we use the expression "when are you going to get the message?" when we think that we have given the person enough hints about what we really mean. it can be about anything.
Q: What does get the message across mean?
A: it means getting someone else to understand the meaning of what you are saying.
Q: What does I'll pass on the message. mean?
A: The message is 伝言...
伝言を伝う かな
Q: What does You are not supposed to reply immediately after getting my message. mean?
A: No problem. :-)
I wouldn't use your version in that case then because it sounds almost annoyed and conveys a different meaning.
"You don't need to reply immediately after getting my messages" or "Please feel free to take your time when replying to my messages" should work, though. :-)
Q: What does approve this message mean?
A: It is often used when a politician or political group has a TV advertisement and they say that the person or group has officially approved the TV advertisement.

So at the end of the TV advertisement, you may hear the politician say something like: "I am Senator Jane Doe and I approve this message"

In this case, to "approve" means to officially "authorize", "sign off on", "permit", "allow", etc.

It could also be used in other contexts, like email. "Do you approve [sending] this [email] message?"

Example sentences using "Message"

Q: Please show me example sentences with "to catch", what can I catch? Can I catch a message, an idea, information? "I will try to catch something of what you're saying.".
A: Some common sayings:

"Catch you later" - see you later

"Sorry, I didn't quite catch that, could you repeat the question?" - I didn't hear you, could you repeat the question

"Catch up on..." - get up to date with (a tv series, homework, news from a friend)

"Catch a break" - relax, get some reprieve from something (if things are always going wrong in your life you could say "this is awful, I just can't catch a break!")

Hope this helps!
Q: Please show me example sentences with "have/ has been" like "your message has been sent".
A: I have been kicked out.
We have been scammed.
I have been outsmarted.

She has been hurt before.
My phone has been dropped many times.
It has been done.
The house has been abandoned.
Q: Please show me example sentences with take-home message.
A: Every time I read an email and don't reply to it, I forget to reply to it later. The take-home message is that I should always reply to emails immediately after I read them.
Q: Please show me example sentences with Thank you for letting me know what you've been up to lately. your message. I visited your new website. It looks great! .
A: An example with the whole phrase? 😅
A:"Did you see my blog? I post weekly updates on my daily life"
*B checks website*
B: "Thank you for letting me know what you've up to. I visited your new website. It looks great!"

Synonyms of "Message" and their differences

Q: What is the difference between Did you receive my message? and Did you get my message? ?
A: No hay ninguna diferencia, ambas frases tienen el mismo significado. Solamente, “receive” es más formal que “get”, pero ambas pueden ser casual.
Q: What is the difference between send me a message and message me ?
A: There is not really a difference, you can use either one and it is correct. ☺️👍
Q: What is the difference between Would you like to leave a message? and Shall I leave your message? ?
A: Using "shall" makes it more formal. To me, "shall" is a little too formal and sounds unnatural most of the time.
Q: What is the difference between She might not have got my message. and She could not have got my message. ?
A: "Might not": this means that it is possible that she got it or it's possible that she did not get it
"Could not: this means it is impossible for her to get the message.

Also it should be "have [gotten]"

Hope this helps
Q: What is the difference between He left me a message. and He gave me a message. ?
A: gave you a message suggests that he gave you a message that wasnt from him, that he was the messenger. Leaving a message implies he is the one who created the message

Translations of "Message"

Q: How do you say this in English (US)? まさか彼からメッセージをもらえるとは思っていなかった。I didn't expect that I could receive a message from him. Is it natural?
A: "I didn't expect to receive a message from him"
You can also try:
"I didn't expect him to message me."
"I didn't expect him to contact me."
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? メッセージ送ったと思っていたんだけど、送れていなかったみたい!ごめんなさい。I thought that I send message to you but, it's couldn't !sorry! ←is it ok??
A: I thought I sent the message, but it looks like I hadn't sent it, after all! Sorry!
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? message
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? 日本で素敵な思い出がたくさんできたのなら、日本人としてすごく嬉しいです。 A message for a girl who has been working in Tokyo for the past three months, and will leave for her home country next week.
A: I as a Japanese person would very much be delighted if you were able to create amazing memories during your stay in Japan.
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? ありがとう。幸せな時間でした。as a message from an artist to his fans after the concert.
A: うん不自然です。
I had a good time with you.
We had a good time together.
The time we spent together was fun.
Our time spent together was great.

Other questions about "Message"

Q: your message to your love is awesome!
Wish you a wonderful life together.
Best Wishes to a Special Couple. Does this sound natural?
It is this one ->"Your message to your love is awesome!" = you think the message is awesome

"Your message is awesome to your love" = Your love thinks the message is awesome
Q: "Why would you have sent him messages?"
Is it correct sentence? little bit confused.
Also it means, you sent him messages and i do not understand why you sent messages?
A: "Why would you send him messages?" Is also an option.
Q: You didn't reply even though you read the message saying"It's my birthday". I think you don't like me. I got hurt. Does this sound natural?
A: oh sorry i didn't know that was the situation.... Hi what's up? hope you got my message! Hit me back when you have time 😁 (still trying to be cool, even though the your getting hurt being ignored) Hope this helps 😁
Q: you don't reply often even though you read it. I'm worried that I might be irritating you by sending you messages Does this sound natural?
A: you don't reply even though you've read it. am I interrupting you?
Q: I'm afraid it's bothering you to send a message to you. Does this sound natural?
A: I'm afraid I'm bothering you when I send you a message

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