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    2. most likely he says “minuts” because it was a spelling error made on the phone or while typing. The “s” key is very close to the “e” key so it’s easy to make that mistake.

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    2. I would correct to: A: I'm sending this email because I saw your advertisement on a noticeboard. B: Sorry, it was just sold a few minutes ago. Hope this helps!😊

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    2. It's takes 15 minutes by walking to get to Glnza or Tokyo station from my house, so where I live is a very convenient place. The town's name is "Hatchobori". I've lived there for 2 years and I was surprised that this town has a lot of festivals in the summer. When local residents join the festival, they don't need any money because eating, drinking and playing games are all free. I was surprised also. In addition, people who live there are very kind. My two years living there/here have been a great time.

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    2. Well done! I changed a few things to make them sound more how a native speaker woukd say them. Also, please remember that in English you do not need a space before the punctuation! :) I : Good afternoon, can I help you? E : Hello, I’m looking for a place to stay, but I have no idea what kind of housing suits me. I : Ok, are you looking for MORE OF a big or a small place ? E : As I am a foreign student, I was thinking about going WITH a host family. I was wondering if you HAD ANY contacts. I : Yes, we actually have a special service which deals with this kind of housing. Where do you come from? I noticed that you have a BIT OF AN accent, are you French? E, Yes I am, I come from Brittany. It’s the first time I’m STAYING ABROAD. I : Well, it’s a pretty good idea TO STAY WITH a host family. IT'S the best WAY to improve your English. Where are you studying? E : I study AT the University of London. I would like my place to be close to the university. I : I understand, but you have to know that the closest houses are the most expensive and the most requested ones. E : OK, do you know if the university is well served (Sorry, I don't quite understand what you mean by this!) ARE there any bus stations or an underground? I : Of course THERE ARE! What is your budget? E : The perfect rent for me would be between 100 and 200 £ per week. But I’m ready to pay more if you OFFERED me a house where I COULD be independent. I : Ok, I have some houses which YOU MIGHT LIKE. Do you have TIME NOW? I’d like to show you 3. E : Now? It’s okay with me! I : Ok let’s go ! I have a first house to offer you, it is at around 500 meters of the university. You’d stay in a bedroom of 8 sq.m, the rent is to negotiate between 200 and 250 £, but the landlords are old, so you’ll have to help THEM OUT. E : the location would be perfect, but I don’t think I can pay such a sum of money in addition to help out, you know I have my studies AS WELL. I : Yes, I understand. Our second offer is a little bit further, it is in London’s suburbs. The rent is 150£/week and you will have access to a room of 8 sq.m with a personal bathroom. E : this one could interest me, but do you know if it’s well served (again, I'm not sure what you mean by this)? I : Count 30 minuts of bus and 10 minutes of underground.( Do you mean around 30 minutes by bus and then 10 minutes on the underground?) E : Wow, hum, it's still very far, I'll think about it. I : Our third and FINAL offer is a little more expensive than the others, 350£/week, but it will permit you to be independent, thanks to the equipped studio of 24 sq.m fitted out in the second floor of the house. It was made for the landlord’s children, who are now adults, it is a very spacious space. E : I’m really interested IN THIS ONE, but the rent IS STILL expensive… Do you know how the floor is fitted out and if it is possible that several students can live in this host's house?�I : This house IS very big, originally there were 3 rooms and a bathroom. Now, there are 2 rooms and their own bathrooms. The last room is now fitted in a sitting room. So it’s possible for another student to occupy the second room of the house. E : It WOULD BE A GOOD opportunity for me because this person could help me in various situations. I think that this house suits me! But where is it situated ? I : It is at 2 underground stations of your university. You also have to know that the ancient tenants of these rooms had good returns about the landlords. They are very nice, and you can rely on them if you need help. If you want, we could visit it next weekend?�E : Yes gladly! I am free next Friday all afternoon long. I : Ok, can you give me your phone number and I’ll specify the hour and the address of the appointment. E : Yes, sure : 01 743 243 6.. I : Alright, thank you, see you soon and good LUCK in your studies. E : Thank you very much, see you next week, good bye! does this sound natural?

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