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    2. For example when someone's opinion was wrongly interpreted.

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    2. The difference is very minor, but one does exist. Only a person's words or actions can be misconstrued, but anything or anybody can be misinterpreted. For example, 1. I think you're misinterpreting the situation. (You cannot misconstrue a situation.) 2. He claimed his remarks had been misinterpreted/misconstrued. (You can, however, misinterpret or misconstrue somebody's remarks.)

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    2. They all have similar meanings. Some used in some situations more than others. " You're misunderstanding the situation." I would hear misunderstanding more often on a daily basis. " Misunderstanding" has a neutral connotation. Its not someone's fault for them to " Misunderstand" the situation. " You're misinterpreting his artwork/his purpose/theme" 'Misinterpreting' I would use more often when I'm talking about a book for a class like AP Literature where we've talked about the book's theme or purpose. Also I'd use it for when I'm talking about art or something more abstract and figurative. For example: " I think you've misinterpreted what she means. I feel she meant that she was happy to move on with her life, not necessarily that she was happy he died. " "Don't misconstrue what he said" This I would only use when someone is intentionally mixing up information given to them. The people I usually think who "misconstrue" information are ones who intentionally want to make things worst. If they are that type of person I'd tell them that they should stop misconstruing the information. If they don't seem that kind of person I'd use the word "misunderstand" instead. It's better to use with its more neutral connotation. "Misconstrue" I'd use for its negative connotation if a person seems to be doing wrong by intentionally misconstruing information. I know it's a lot. Make sense? Please ask any questions.

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