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Q: What does it had a large missile on its back mean?
A: もしかして tell-tall じゃなくて、tell-tale でしたか?

Q: What does Launching missile over South of Korea mean?
A: Hovering above the land.
Over (above) the south part of Korea.
Q: What does missile experts say north korea may still be years away from mastering the technologies needed to build a reliabke intercontinental ballistic missile

years away?
A: it means north korea MAY need a lot more time to create a missile that works

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Q: What is the difference between missile and rocket ?
A: It isn't that important in casual conversation, you can use them interchangeably and people will understand.

But if you really want to know:

A missile is any object being propelled and usually guided to do damage.

A rocket is an engine which is able to propel itself (usually with fuel that combusts.)
A rocket isn't always a missile, because they're not necessarily made to do damage.
Spaceships use rockets to get to space.

If you put an explosive on a rocket and its main use is for damage, then it's a missile.
Q: What is the difference between cruising missile and cruise missile ?
A: Cruising missile (a missile that is doing the action of cruise)
Cruise missile (an object/ noun)
Q: What is the difference between missile and rocket ?
A: Missile is usually in reference to a rocket-like object that’s intended purpose is to cause harm (for example, an explosive)

Rockets can be toys, built for fun, or be harmless.
Q: What is the difference between missile and rocket ?
A: Missiles are always guided, while rockets are usually un-guided.

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Q: How do you say this in English (UK)? missile
A: Check the question to view the answer

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Q: ‎mobile, missile, fragile, hostile, juvenile

aa for the pronunciation "-ile", I thought BrE goes with 'ah-eel' as in "crocodile", and AmE goes with a simple chauwa sound just like the word "fossil".

but I reaalized that americans also pronounce those words both ways.

can someone explain how the pronunciation of 'ile' works for me?
A: yes, but it's not common to have two different ways to pronounce Ile.
If you prefer it that way do it. Just practice until it sounds right. Put up recordings once you think you can say it right.
Q: These are might be nuclear missile sites. does this sound natural?
A: Remove either “are” or “might be” and it will be good.
These are...
These might be...
Q: If I could afford, I'd like to get a missile made in North Korea. does this sound natural?
A: If I "could" afford it
Q: "Cuban missile crisis prevented Cuba from being invaded by America and guaranteed removal of America's nuclear missiles in Turkey. Also, they escalated the building of tgeir military arsenal. But, the Soviet Union had to remove the missiles in Cuba and they lost prestige." does this sound natural?
Q: Developing missiles cost one million dollars. does this sound natural?
A: This sounds fine except there the word should be "costs" instead of "cost." So it should say "Developing missiles costs one million dollars."

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