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    2. Thank you so much😊😊😊💓💓💓 Oh I've watched the video because you recommended me to watch it before😄😂 You've sent it to me before! 😂👍✨✨ Actually, I can hardly tell that Chris Broad has an accent. I can tell his accent only subtle. I don't think he has a thick accent at all. His English is easy for us (Japanese) to understand. Ryotaro Sakurai speaks English far better than us. Usually our English is much terrible. We usually speak English with our accent. This just might be me, but I thought his English more like British than American. But yes, as you said, I also think we don't speak English with regional accent. Speaking English with a regional accent is more difficult than speaking "standard" English I think. One of my mentors who lives in Hyogo taught me English. He has been living there around for 7 years. He always speaks Japanese with Kansai-ben. I guess he thinks speaking Kansai-ben is much easier than "standard" Japanese. While he lives in Kansai, he gained the regional accent. 😊😊😊

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