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Q: What does employs a modification mean?
A: requires change/amendment
Q: What does make modifications to mean?
A: make some changes, to adjust or to adapt
Q: What does The modification will be free of charge mean?
A: The change (modification) will not cost you money.
Q: What does modification mean?
A: It means like changing something to make it better
Q: What does modifications mean?
A: Modification means "change". When something is altered, we can say it was modified. In this case, it is implied that these modifications (changes) would result in a better outcome, therefore these modifications could also be called " improvements " or "upgrades".

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Q: What is the difference between modification and transition ?
A: Modifications are changes made manually, while transitions can also accure gradually or naturally. I'll also say that transitions often are used to differentiate between two stages. It can refer to positions (for example, transitioning from one position at work to another) or permanent changes (for example, trans* folk transition from one gender to another) while modifications are usually smaller in scale, and pertain to a certain part of the whole that is being changed. For example, a tattoo or a piercing is called a body modification. Or in software, changing something in the code is modification.
Q: What is the difference between We made minor modifications on the reporting package form. and We made little modifications on the reporting package form. ?
A: minor or slight

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Q: I have done the modification to my car as your instructions. But it was not the same on the picture of it. does this sound natural?
A: With the second sentence i would change the "on". Remember that since you are saying that a car is different to a picture of a car, you need the right conjunction (conjunction is a word that connects two ideas together in the same sentence). I would say it like "But it was not the same as the picture i have". With the first sentence, it looks as though "your" doesn't sound right unless you are actually talking to a person or they are communicating with you". I would say "I have done the modifications to my car as per the instructions".
Q: Could you please do some modification to this essay?thx a lot!
A: Children always need to obey rules, wether living at home or studying in school. Sometimes strict discipline is necessary, however, ....
Q: There are a few modifications on / of / to our proposal. (Which preposition do I have to use?!) does this sound natural?
Q: There are a few modifications on / of / to our proposal. (Which preposition do I have to use?!) does this sound natural?
A: "There are a few modifications to our proposal" is natural. (But I would have to understand the context to see if this sentence makes sense.)
Q: .... Instead I desire to answer this by covering the modification of Shintō at Yasukuni and the state over the years and how this can be related to the Chinese government by looking at how the two countries domestically seperate state and religion. does this sound natural?
A: It's good but there are a couple of things. Desire is a little to strong. It tends to be used about love rather than an academic discussion. Your sentence is too long. English tends to be short and simple. I have trouble understanding the middle part. You should not put two ands together in a list use commas until you get to the final item. Also consider removing domestically. A good rule in English is to remove as many adverbs from your writing as possible. It doesn't really add any meaning because the separation of church and state must by definition occur domestically not internationally.

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