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    2. If you want to win, listen to my commands.

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    2. In my recent mail I was telling you about my plan for summer holidays, together with my group of friends we realised this plan. We have gone to the Baltic Sea. The majority of the time we spent on the beach, at evening we were walking to the nearest pub. On the second day of the trip while laying down on the beach we met a nice guy, his name was Hubert, he is eighteen years old, tall, with blue eyes, brown and short hair. On the left forearm, he have a tattoo. Hubert told us, many things about yourself. He is into football and cars. His dream is an exploring whole world. Hubert acclimated in our company very well, as it turned out, he is from the same city that I do, we became friends and spent a lot time together. Hubert is very creative, he changed our summer plans. After returning from the sea, he suggested sightseeing interesting places in whole Poland. Next five days we spent on sightseeing a castles, strongholds and old cities. He showed us many beautiful places. We stayed at a cheap and awful hotels, however, nothing spoiled our adventure! Hubert are still our friends, at the winter break we were going to the mountains! I hope that you will come and meet him. Czas był niepoprawnie zmieniany, szczególnie w opisie Huberta więc zredukowałam go do czasu teraźniejszego, to co się wydarzyło zostawiłam tak jak powinno być, w czasie przeszłym. Mam nadzieję że to nie problem, w razie czego napisz jeżeli jest coś co by jednak nie pasowało lub potrzebowało wyjaśnienia :) a i "Hubert teraz się z nami przyjaźni" zamieniłam na "dalej się z nami przyjaźni", ponieważ już wcześniej było napisane o tym że się zaprzyjaźnili.

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    2. "Good mythical morning(GMM)" On Youtube is the first that comes to my mind, if you love humour talk shows you will love it

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