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    2. Did you know that marble is made of seashells? I am not joking! This is exactly what Earth Observatory (part of the EOS EOS Project Science Office at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center) wrote: "QUOTATION" Anyway, seashells are linked to positive symbolisms, first and foremost beauty and femininity. The birth of Venus (La nascita di Venere) painted by Botticelli depicts the goddess of love and beauty standing on a giant scallop shell, as pure and as perfect as a pearl. Who knows if Botticelli saw the Venus Pompeiana (la Venere Pompeiana) before creating his masterpiece Birth of Venus... Venus was the patron deity of Pompeii and in addition to the pleas of the lovelorn it was not unusual to call upon Venus Pompeiana for assistance or protection, as a shell proctects the organism which is housed in its perfect shape. Seashells are also a symbol of the golden ratio that represents the relationship between the whole and the part of the whole, thus expressing the connection between man and nature. Take for example the nautilus, a mollusc that has been around for almost 500 million years. It can be considered as the nomad of the sea for the hundreds of miles it has flown on currents. Its shell is a perfect golden spiral, a magnificent example of the incomparable artistic and architectural sense of nature. In some cultures seashells are a good omen gift for a blissful journey of life... For someone seashells has even healing powers. Because of their connection with water, sheashells hold the energetic intent for meditation. Regardless of symbolism, seashells are among the most remarkable design in nature. Maybe it is for the entire perfection of seashells' design that the only truly sane thing left for us to do is bring them closer to the ears to listen the whisper of the sea, with the innocence and the sense of wonder of a child.

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