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Q: What does the moor trong trường hợp này mean?
A: A moor is a type of grassland. It is most commonly found in Western European countries, such as England. You can find more information about moors here:
Q: What does moor mean?
A: It has several meanings.

It can mean to tie a boat up to a dock. You moor the boat.

In Devon, where I grew up, it means wild hill country, as in Dartmoor and Exmoor.

In Somerset, it means wet ground with lots of water. "Moorhen" is a name for a bird that lives in water.

It's also a very old-fashioned word for people from Africa, as in Mauritania. In the play Othello, they call him a Moor. It can also mean Spain when it was Al-Andalus, mostly in phrases like "moorish architecture" (like the Alhambra).
Q: What does moor mean?
A: Open land (land not good for farming) Typically this word is not used in the US. It is more of a British word :)

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Q: Please show me example sentences with moor.
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Q: I must have to clean with moor my house does this sound natural?
A: Did you mean "I must clean my house more often"?
Q: moor does this sound natural?
A: ok, I'm sorry. it's pronounced like this :)

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