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    2. Mother-rocker is not a common phrase, it’s being used creatively here. Similar to poetry, creative genres like music lyrics tend to not follow formal language convention. In this case “mother-rocker” is likely being used as a euphemism. Serebro do this in their other songs like “mother lover”. A euphemism is a word used as a replacement for another word that has the possibility to offend. Some platforms/regions also have obscenity rules or even laws that ban radio-play or tv broadcast if the content uses what’s considered as obscene. You’ll see this in music where there are “clean” versions of albums in which all of the potentially offensive words have been edited out or replaced with euphemisms. However, this is clean albums and versions of songs are often made after the fact. This seems like it was written this way. Using euphemisms to creatively reference taboo topics can contribute to a songs popularity if done well. It’s a way of avoiding the exclusion of certain audience members. Another thing to address here is that offensive words otherwise known as profanity, swear-words, cuss words deal with negative emotion. Their use has been found to be therapeutic when used infrequently in response to pain. The euphemisms “mother-rocker” and “mother lover” are close to “mother fucker”. Therefore a possible double meaning here is that because the singer is a mother herself, she’s subverting the social expectation that mothers are supposed not supposed to party or rock-out. There’s negative emotion associated with being told you can’t or shouldn’t do this. “I can mother-rocker” is like saying “I’m a cool mom, I can be myself as a mom and also rock-out.” This kind of layering is common in modern music, as it encourages the listener to engage further. How deliberate the meaning is, is another question entirely.

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