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Q: What does motto?! mean?
A: Motto is a short sentence or phrase that expresses the beliefs or ideals of an individual, family, or an institution.
Q: What does "my motto is, if you can't throw it down the stairs, it's not worth having" mean?
A: It means, if you can't let go of an item, it isn't worth having.
Q: What does motto to love run mean?
A: It doesn't make sense. Is there more context?
Q: What does These common mottos lead us to believe that becoming rich is a luxury reserved for the privileged few. mean?
A: A "motto" is a common phrase or way of thinking that people live by. So this is saying that the "motto" makes people believe that only a few people can become rich, and that's it's not something anyone can do.
Q: What does motto mean?
A: A motto is short phrase meant to express values, inspire, or inform others.

The boy scouts' motto is "be prepared."

My motto in life is "to life every day to the fullest."

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Q: Please show me example sentences with motto.
A: "His motto is 'Shoot first, ask questions later'"

"The United States motto is 'E Plurbius Unum', meaning 'From Many, One'"

"Google's motto used to be 'Don't be evil'. Now, it's 'Do the right thing'"
Q: Please show me example sentences with motto.
A: Yolo = you only live once is my new motto!

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Q: What is the difference between motto and watchword and catchword ?
A: They mean the same thing.
Q: What is the difference between motto and call and time and challenge ?
A: Motto is a short phrase that summarises the beliefs of someone
Call is
1) using phone to talk to someone
2)to give someone or something a name
3) if it's verb then it means consider someone or something to be/ say smth in loud voice
Time is part of existence that is measured in minutes, days etc
Challenge is is a kind of situation that requires physical or mental effort in order to be completed
Q: What is the difference between motto and slogan ?
A: Slogans tend to be for companies, ex Coca Cola's slogan is Open Happiness. Mottos are normally for families, or clans, or can be personal, ex: My family's motto is Ne Parcas Nec Spernas (Neither spare nor dispose.)
Q: What is the difference between motto and maxim and idiom ?
A: A motto is usually pretty old, and kind of like the founding principle of an establishment?
Sometimes it's in Latin. A maxim is kind of a cliche.
And an idiom is a regional expression.

Motto: Mortui viventes docent
Maxim: bad cases make bad law
Idiom: it's raining cats and dogs.

Does this help?

Translations of "Motto"

Q: How do you say this in English (US)? What is it a motto ?
A: ภาษิต
Q: How do you say this in English (UK)? motto
A: motocycle

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Q: One of my mottos is giving back for others as I get something for almost nothing does this sound natural?
A: × One of my mottos is giving back for others as I get something for almost nothing
✓ One of my mottos is giving back to others as I get something for almost nothing

Q: "I don’t have any personal mottoes, but I sometimes remember this phrase.
If I remember right, it is ‘Pessimism of the intellect, Optimism of the will.’" does this sound natural?
A: what I do, because I don't like to use ' ', is like this:
"Einstein once said "Everything is relative" and I agree with him."
"No, he didn't. He said that time is relative, nothing else."
The first one is a direct quotation, when you copy exactly what someone said and then you need quotation marks. The second one, which I prefer and is also the only one I use, is an indirect quotation, when you say what they said, but not with the same words, this way it's easier to not make mistakes and change the wording to suit your intent, here you don't need quotation marks.
Q: I saw a motto of a coffee house saying "It's not the coffee. It's the people." Here, why do you put the definite article the in front of coffee and people?
A: The statement is sort of implied. You could perhaps say "It isn't the coffee that we make that we are about rather the people that we serve"
(because they are talking about THEIR coffee and THEIR people (customers) rather than coffee in general and people in general)
Q: What is your slogan/ motto while living your life? does this sound natural?
A: The common way to say it is, "What is your motto/life motto? "
Q: Please tell me your motto.

For example,
There is always light behind the clouds.

I'm going to give some good meaning phrase to my friends who graduate university.
A: (If you're feeling sad about something) "This too shall pass"
(Things will always get better)

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