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Q: What does mound mean?
A: A lump, especially a lump of earth used to mark graves in ancient times.
Q: What does They build mounds of mud that raise up their eggs and so keep them just •marginally cooler• than they would be at ground level /// I'm curious about the exact meaning of 'Marginally cooler'. Could you explain it in English? mean?
A: Marginally means slightly or a little bit.
Q: What does A six mound of snow mean?
A: Ah, so a word was missing. "a six-foot mound" is a pile of snow six feet tall. Six feet is about 1.8 metres.

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Q: What is the difference between mound and multitude ?
A: Mound can refer to a pile or 一堆。
"Look at that mound of dirty crockery!" (你看那堆脏盘子!)
Mound can also be used to describe a small raised object as in "that little mound of bushes adds color to the scenery" (那些小树给周围添了点色彩)
Multitude refers to a large number of things/people as in a "Multitude of people attended the concert." (演唱会里人山人海)

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Q: He took the mound in 9th inning as a closer. does this sound natural?
A: He took the mound in the 9th inning as a closer

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