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Q: I want to explain about a mudere case for my I wrote the sentence below.Do you understand my english?


The incident happened at Kanagawa prefecture a year ago.
The murderer kept looking for girl who wants to commit suicide through SNS.
The murderer called and killed some girls one by one at his room.They were hanged and killed by the murderer.A boy visited the man's room to ask about one of dead girl.The boy and girl were The boy had been looking everywhere for his girl friend.The murderer killed the boy too.The murderer killed total 9 people.
He is two-faced.He is friendly to every body.but He likes to hanged and kill someone.Additionally,He dismembered all victim's body and put them in cooler with sand.When the police enter his room,There were a lot of cooler.The murderer saved guts in the cooler too.According to news,The guts were dried,looks like bone.

does this sound natural?
A: Some errors but I understand it very well! Good job

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