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Q: What does Mueller report lays out obstruction evidence against the president mean?
A: Mueller recently released a report that shows that the President committed "obstruction of justice," a crime in which you interfere with an investigation or trial.

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Q: What does " He likened Mueller to a “U.S. attorney” in the DOJ’s pecking order." mean?
Especially " “U.S. attorney” in the DOJ’s pecking order." ??

Barr and Mueller are reported to be friends, but a few comments suggested there might be some tension between them. Barr suggested that Mueller could have prevented the confusion in the first place.

“I offered Bob Mueller the opportunity to review that letter before it came out,” Barr said, “and he declined.”

Barr’s intent might have been more to suggest that he did his due diligence in releasing the letter — rather than that Mueller did anything wrong. But it sure sounded as if he was saying Mueller could have spoken up sooner.

Barr also suggested later that Mueller’s opinions don’t really matter, because he serves in the Department of Justice and reports to the attorney general. He likened Mueller to a “U.S. attorney” in the DOJ’s pecking order.

“His work concluded when he submitted the report to the attorney general. At that point, it was my baby,” Barr said. “It was my decision how and when to make it public — not Bob Mueller’s.”
A: Likened: described him in a way that makes him like (portrays him as being similar to) someone else.

Pecking order: The hierarchy. The chain of command. Who is the superior and who is the subordinate. (Comes from chickens and who gets to eat (peck) first, which represent the order of dominance from highest to lowest).

U.S. attorney: An attorney appointed to plead the United States government’s case in civil and criminal cases in a federal court. They work under and report to the attorney general.

The way he (Barr) was talking about Muelluer made it sound like he (Mueller) was like one of the attorneys at the Department of Justice who serve underneath him (Barr), so after Mueller has finished his job, he is unimportant and it all rests with the attorney general now.
Q: What does "Both were detailed to Mueller's office" mean?
I am confused about "someone is detailed to ABC office".......

Kyle Freeny and Brandon Van Grack, two prosecutors who worked on Paul Manafort's criminal cases, are ending their tenure working for special counsel Robert Mueller.

Van Grack left recently to return to his job in the National Security Division of the Justice Department, and Freeny will leave the office in mid-October to return to the Criminal Division. Both were detailed to Mueller's office over the past year, said special counsel spokesman Peter Carr.

Carr would not say whether this indicated that the office was winding down its efforts, as President Donald Trump's lawyers have suggested and several others who've been in contact with the office have speculated. He said the departures were not for any disciplinary reason.
A: to detail = to assign someone to a specific job or location

Both were detailed to Mueller's office = both of them had previously been assigned to work for Mueller
Q: What does "Mueller would be the favorite in the epic legal battle" mean?
Especially "the favorite" in this context?

The former New York mayor who is now a lawyer for Trump said Sunday he doesn't think the President should sit down with special counsel Robert Mueller — and that he wouldn't have to talk even if subpoenaed.

“We don’t have to,” Giuliani said on ABC’s “This Week” when asked if Trump would cooperate if Mueller subpoenas him. “He’s the President of the United States. We can assert the same privilege as other presidents have.”

But legal experts said Giuliani’s confidence is baseless. Mueller would be the favorite in the epic legal battle that would likely ensue if Mueller issued a subpoena and Trump refused to answer it, they said.

“No one is above the law,” said New York Law School professor Rebecca Roiphe.

The Supreme Court ruled in a case involving Richard Nixon that the President could not use executive privilege to refuse a subpoena for White House tapes.

President Bill Clinton was also served with a subpoena by independent prosecutor Ken Starr, though the order was never put to the test because Clinton ultimately agreed voluntarily to testify before a grand jury.
A: favorite to win = someone people expect to win = 本命
Q: What does "Mueller might not" mean in this context?
Does it mean "Mueller might not be holding hearings and releasing details"?

“The investigations are becoming more active," Mariotti, who led prosecutions in a range of white-collar crimes including securities fraud and tax evasion, said in an interview. Mueller is “conducting an extremely thorough and wide-reaching investigation into what are complex crimes” while Congress is holding hearings and releasing details that Mueller might not, he added.
A: I believe that is the correct interpretation of the phrase.

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