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Q: What does this name sounds so familiar to me mean?
A: Familiar means that you've seen/heard/experienced something before. So for example, let's say that you had a classmate in high school named Bob Smith. But then 5 years later you see his name on a list. You could say that this name sounds so familiar to me because you've heard that name before.
Q: What does "the name of the game" in 891 mean?
A: 'The name of the game' means 'this is how the game works' or 'this is what you have to do to win' they're just giving the rules of the game.
Q: What does you know whose name is on those big packages? mean?
A: @Jun24: Yes, but it doesn't literally mean it is yours. Instead it has the feeling of you want it so much that you are going to make it yours.

For example: "That cake has my name written all over it" means that it is not a cake you possess yet but intend to get.

I actually haven't heard of that phrase before, so thank you!
Q: What does The name itself should give us an idea as to how the ecommerce mogul is about to pull of one of the biggest stunts in global supply chain history. / それ自身はecommerce mogulがsupply chain historyの中でどれくらい注目を浴びているということを与えている(示している)。 mean?
A: An important or powerful person (like a celebrity or a high ranking business man)
Q: What does You name it mean?
A: It means you can choose.
For example, if someone says "what do you want to do?"
You can reply
"I don't care, whatever you want, you name it" as in they get to choose.
Or, if someone is grateful to you, and they want to return a favor, they'll say "anything I can do for you, you name it"

Example sentences using "Name"

Q: Please show me example sentences with hello my name is junki.
I’m from tokyo in japan.
I’m a junior at university. my majoring is architecture. now, I’m learning about ventilation, thermal insulation, plumbing and so many..
A: Hello, my name is Junki, and I'm from Tokyo, Japan. I'm a junior in college, and my major is architecture. I'm currently studying ventilation, thermal insulation, plumbing, and many other things.

Hope this helps you, and good job!
Q: Please show me example sentences with what your name.
A: Hi, what's your name?
Tell me what's your name.
Q: Please show me example sentences with dubbed +(name of location).
A: al dialect dubbed MACLISP.
It was established in 1940, dubbed.
He dubbed the bicycle a "trail bike".
Officially dubbed TOPS-20 by DEC, it.
Flax could be dubbed the forgotten oil.
Murdock dubbed the new project Debian-a.
The captives dubbed him Handsome Harry.
voice dubbed over the original Spanish voices.
They are dubbed seraphim in the historic texts.
evolution process he dubbed natural selection.
illness that you folks have dubbed the Ash plague.
The slasher murders, as they have been dubbed by.
It was dubbed by some as the Great Flood of 2008.
It was for that reason he dubbed him the accountant.
humanity, with which I had invested the hero I dubbed.
Real-estate authority Urban Turf has already dubbed.
The Trial of the Decade it was dubbed by the media.
hacking, students quickly dubbed this new activity phone.
why historical accounts dubbed it the jewel of the ocean.
No Reports on the whereabouts of Bartiland Ashby, dubbed Ms.
Using the car and trailer dubbed affectionately Ice Two, by.
And in 1948, Jackie was dubbed as Queen Debutante of the.
We have merely dubbed them Judges based on the stories of old.
In early drafts of this book, I dubbed this question the 100.
It was dubbed Alien Impersonations, and sometimes Human Critics.
WANTED posters dubbing us The Three Stooges.
Q: Please show me example sentences with Hello my name is Nuran.
A: Hi, my name is Nuran
Hey, my name is Nuran
Hi, I’m Nuran
Hey, I’m Nuran
What’s up, I’m Nuran
Nice to meet you, I’m Nuran
Q: Please show me example sentences with you name it.
A: @Ri-na It means "just say what it is".

We have all the latest facilities for penguins, you name it we've got it.

They have everything you want at the ryokan, you name it.

It is used to emphasise "everything is possible" or "everything occurred".

The band played all their old numbers, you name it.

Synonyms of "Name" and their differences

Q: What is the difference between carve his name and engrave his name ?
A: I think "carve would be for softer materials.
For example: His name is carved onto the wood.

"Engrave" would be for harder materials.
For example: His name is engraved onto the metal.
Q: What is the difference between name and nickname ?
A: the difference is, name is your birth name or the name your parents/guardian gave you for example- Andrea. a nickname is a shorter version of your birth name for example- drea.
Q: What is the difference between I can't remember his name. and I can't think of his name. ?
A: Yes, I say both.
Q: What is the difference between name and adjective ?
A: A noun (name) relates to an object, a person or a concept:
book, tree, sky, man, doctor, love, work

An adjective qualifies something:
large, green, clear, strong, good, true, hard
Q: What is the difference between I know your name and I do know your name ?
A: When you add the "do", it's like you're stressing the point that you know the person's name.
-You don't know my name.
-I DO know your name. (in contrast to what the person has said).
You'd use "I know your name" when you're just stating a fact.
It's similar to:
-You've never been to France, so you don't know anything about it.
-I HAVE been to France, so I DO know a lot about it.
(a simple statement would be "I've been to France. I know quite a lot about it")

Translations of "Name"

Q: How do you say this in English (US)? 서구식 스타일로 성(first name)하고 이름(last name)을 거꾸로 바꿔서 말하는건 어렵고 헷갈려.

Is it okay if I say like :
-> You know, it's so confusing and hard to change the order of your name as western style, like changing your first name, last name into vice versa.
A: "You know, it's confusing and hard to change the order of your name *to western style. Like *putting your name first and then your last name."

>I think you got "first name" and "last name" mixed up😅 "last name" means your family name (ex.KIM) and we put it last, thats why it's called that. And "first name" is your actual name ㅇㅇ.
Hope it helps^^
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? What is the name in the photo? What is it called in English?
A: Packing tape
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? Hello, my name is Souhaila from Morocco. I want Korean friends who speak the language to Arabic, please
A: I would say:

Hello, my name is Souhaila and I'm from Morocco. I want Korean friends who speak Arabic, please.
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? Hello my name is Anmol
Namaste mera naam anmol ha
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? Źródło (if I quote name of website).
A: Source
You "source", or "quote", or "cite", the name of a website

„Źródło”, „cytat” lub „cytowanie” nazwy strony internetowej

Other questions about "Name"

Q: "Do you happen to know what his name is at all?" Does this sound natural?
A: It sounds conversational :)
Q: What's about the name "York". Outdated? Too common?
A: Given name is the first name. York could be a family name but I don't think it can be a first/given name.
Q: Where is the name come from. Does this sound natural?
A: → "Where does* the name come from?"
Q: "彼の名前は私の姉と同じ名前"

"His name is the same as my brother"

is this correct?
A: yes. but I feel that most people would say "he has the same name as my sister" :)
Q: What is the name of that red element (on the image) in drafting?
A: I think you'd call that a gusset or a dart. I'm not sure though: what do you call it in Portuguese and what is the object in the picture?

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