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    2. It is a nascent country. The government was just elected. She is excited about her nascent business.

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    2. hello lol. Inchoate is slightly different, it means it is not fully developed. Sorry I didn't see it at first lol. You're welcome ! :)

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    2. incipient: Just beginning adjective Example: signs of incipient public frustration However, there appears to have been a parallel development early on in both regional varieties regarding the incipient emergence of the to -ing pattern. This implies that the friction velocity and roughness length are both enhanced significantly for the breaking waves when compared with the incipient breaking cases. All active, incipient colonies were counted along 100-m long and 10-m wide transects (0.1 ha). nascent: (adj) only recently formed or started, but likely to grow larger quickly Example: a nascent political party a nascent problem Given the nascent army's triumph over local bosses, a new centralised power emerged, not civilians, but the armed forces themselves (39). The degree to which that style and aesthetic reflected nascent tendencies, latent logics or more fully conscious intentions is a question we leave unanswered. These findings suggest that a sizeable percentage of citizens in nascent democracies respond strategically to 'wasted-vote' opportunities. It cannot, therefore, be simply characterized as either 'mercantilist ' or nascent 'political economy'.

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    2. His career as a singer is nascent, but he will be successful.

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    2. because it says "she has struggled to put substance..." the struggled part makes it sound as though she was unsuccessful

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