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    2. Disclaimer: I’m not an English teacher 1. “Needs” becomes “need”. 2. You have two options for this one. You can either change the “nor” to “or”. You can also change “wasn’t” to “was neither”. The words “neither” and “nor” usually go together in a sentence (and the same for “either” and “or”) 3. You’re missing a determiner before “holiday”. In this case, you would use “a”. 4. The first word of the sentence should move to after “was”. If you put it in front of the subject, it makes it seem like that are two subjects in the sentence whereas it is really two adjectives. 5. It’s Jane’s birthday today. The first apostrophe means that it is a contraction (it is), and the second apostrophe indicates possession. 6. The word “not” should be “nor”. Neither and nor usually go together in a sentence. Putting “not” there implies that the first part is explaining something that the subject has at the moment. 7. Both should be moved to the beginning of the sentence so it goes to the two subjects. 8. Either should go before walk to indicate two options before the choices are stated. 9. I’m not completely sure on this one, but I think the conjunction needs to be changed to “and”. Putting “but” there usually indicates that the first part is being compared to the next part. I hope this helped. Let me know if you’re still confused with anything!

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