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    2. Such as, the news showing a lot of shootings normalizes shootings. They become normal and people think it happens all the time. This is often used in a negative way

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    2. Even though the internet is amazing in a lot of ways, critics here are talking about posts, especially on social media, that are usually silly or inappropriate. We don't think too much of it, but the more you see the more you're used to it. Then at some point you'll think it's normal or okay and may become part of your behaviour, attitude or even your vocabulary depending on what it is.

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    2. nomalize は、日本語で言えば通常化、例えば何か異常があったときに、通常の状態に戻すこと、つまり普通の状態のことで、 standardize は、日本語にすると標準化で、例えば工場などのラインで、誰が作業しても同じものができるように作業の基準となる動作や指示を作ることを標準化する = standardize と言います。

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    2. this paragraph is pretty well structured, it would be considered natural. However, despite being substantially natural, you can make improvements to make it flow and make it so you can have a more engaging conversation with an actual person in real life. For example: Ayurveda Herb Neem: It brightens up the skin and is an excellent way to rid yourself of acne; unfortunately, not so much with severe acne, but nonetheless, is a wonderful herb. It also keeps your menstrual cycle in check and prevent vaginitis, which, if I do say so myself, is something I do not want to contract! Notice how I only changed my approach (or the way I talk to the person) to make the conversation more engaging. Also, since menstruation, vaginitis and the sort are all topics and words that can become awkward to talk about to some people, especially to those who you only recently met. So to make it seem less awkward to talk about, put a little more humor in what you say, and a more lighthearted word choice and approach. So to wrap it up, your paragraph was quite good, and to improve it, focus on making it more interesting to hear and talk about. hope this helps!

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    2. The strategy of “Industry 4.0” has established as the concept for The Fourth Industrial Revolution in Germany in 2011. The goal is to promote competitive forces of manufacturing through adopting ‘Smart Factory’ which can work with just even a few people. Once Germany was good at manufacturing industry. Recently, however, they have been concerned about the low numbers of employees in manufacturing since the German society is aging. In addition, they didn’t share the production processes between the enterprises in the same business which meant that they did not standardise the ways of manufacturing. This is the reason why Germany has adopted the strategy of converting the threat from the growth of productivity for other developing countries. The main purpose of this project are digitalization and automisation of the producing process using IoT technology. IoT means that the devices in a factory can be accessed via the network and connected with each other without human support. Moreover, AI will be useful for automation for the whole producing process. Siemens, a major electronics manufacturer firm in German, has tried to realize ‘Smart Factory’ especially the process of car manufacturing. They have showed a quite new manufacturing lines which make both car and robots ‘communicate’ with each another. The car body including IC tag records a lot of information such as the car type, necessary parts, and the order to assemble. When the car gets close to the robots and gives its instruction, e.g. “5 doors are necessary” the robots follow the order immediately. Thanks for the ‘communication’ operational mistakes are rare. If this system is taken into practise it will be possible to produce variety of products with a low price even in a span of a few amounts. Once the technology can work effectively what should we do? Do we have to quit our jobs? No. At that time, we can work more actively. I’d like to show one Japanese company adopting IoT for their business. The firm is ‘SERAKU’, which offers comprehensive IT solutions. They have adopted IoT for agriculture and developed a device called ‘Midori Cloud’. It is a kind of sensor box which observe the environment in the green house every two minutes and accumulates the data into a cloud. Farmers can check the data using their devices even if they are far away from the greenhouse. In addition, it tells the users with an alarm when a problem occurs such as the temperature is too high or low. These functions will prevent unnecessary losses. Midori Cloud can measure the temperature, the humidity, soil moisture, amount of solar radiation and CO2 concentration using its sensor. Moreover, the camera takes pictures in the green house so users can visually check the environment. In addition, this cloud solution can keep a record, for example, how or when work was done, what kind of chemicals were used etc. This firm expects this information will be useful for users to predict the period of harvesting or the market price. They can contribute their works efficiently. This IoT adoption supports farmers. If they can work easily and effectively, the agriculture will be developed more and more. It’ll lead into the national power strengthening as well. Similarly it is necessary that we humans find the effective ways to adopt technology for our society. There are still many issues in our labor society, such as shortage of workers, overworking, and illegal labour force. However, technology can help us to solve these problems and make our society better. In order to be effective with technology, our human creativity is more necessary. We should find ways how to use it to benefit our business.

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    2. [Person Detection Program] *Changed the function to remove all planes; it has to optimize the parameter for the environment. It improves the accuracy of the detecting person. [Pose Estimation Program] *Added the function to normalize the value of the input image from 0 to 1.0. It resolves the error in the Deep Learning's prediction accuracy when people are far from the camera.

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