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Q: What is the difference between northbound and northward and northern and northerly ?
A: Good answer above although a northerly wind comes from the north and is therefore going south.

The words are generally used in different contexts.
Northbound: generally related to travel (particularly roads, buses, trains). Eg. This is a northbound train.
Northward: refers to direction. "this is a northward facing house." "We are heading northwards"
Northern: generally refers to location (eg. Northern Ireland, northern hemisphere), or "this is the northern part of France"
Northerly: pretty much only used to describe winds.

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Q: All northbound trains pass through downtown St. Charles before (___) North City Station.
(A) reaching (B) entering

I think both are correct but the answer is (A). why?
A: @i_am_hungree

As a native speaker, this is difficult. Both answers are used by native speakers. I think the best reason is in the definition of these words. (A) Reaching is more correct than (B) entering because in the sentence, we understand that the train has a destination (North City Station). It would sound strange, in English, to enter a destination. You reach a destination, or arrive at one. I hope that this has helped (:

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