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Q: What does It won't take long. I just have to nuke it mean?
A: It’s a little hard to tell without context, but I think this means “I’ll just heat it up in the microwave.”

We sometimes use “nuke” for “microwave” in casual speech.
Q: What does I'll nuke some chicken mean?
A: To put it in the microwave or heat it up, it's just a funny term, you might also hear people say "i'll nuke it" and they are most likely referring to heating something up.
Q: What does “Never nuke a country twice.” mean?
A: In this sentence "nuke" is being used as a verb meaning "drop an atomic bomb on." Never drop an atomic bomb on a country twice.
Q: What does to nuke mean?
A: Nuclear weapon

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Q: Please show me example sentences with nuke.
A: "Nuke is the common short form of nuclear, often in reference to the bomb."

"Nukes are among the worst ideas man has ever had."

"I nuked my burrito, in the microwave."
Q: Please show me example sentences with nuke.
A: Nuke can be used to refer to nuclear weapons or the act of completely destroying something.

During the cold war, the super powers were racing to build bigger and better nukes.

That building was nuked ages ago. It was overdue for deconstruction.
Q: Please show me example sentences with nuking.
A: North Korea really likes nuking other countries

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Q: What is the difference between nuke and missile ?
A: "Nuke" is short for "nuclear weapon", a bomb that uses uranium to create the explosion.

A missile is any type of rocket-type weapon. Fighter planes and helicopters fire missiles. The word can even be used for any weapon that flies through the air: if the news says "Police at the riot were hit by missiles", it probably means stones and bottles.

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Q: I’ll nuke our dinner in a few minutes. does this sound natural?
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: I nuke my food with microwave does this sound natural?
A: I think using both nuke and heat is okay. My family often uses nuke in this context, but you may have to explain to some what you mean

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