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Q: What does oftentimes mean?
A: When you say this, you are talking about something that happens a lot

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Q: Please show me example sentences with oftentimes.
A: Often times people come here to play sports
Often times i forget to eat

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Q: What is the difference between oftentimes and sometimes ?
A: Oftentimes is more frequently than sometimes.
Oftentimes, I leave to school 20 minutes before class starts. Sometimes I am late.
Oftentimes it is good weather, but sometimes it rains.
Q: What is the difference between oftentimes and sometimes ?
A: @jeyooooooo When someone uses 'oftentimes' in a sentence it means it happens or happened at closer times. Example: Oftentimes I will eat chips for a snack. It could mean they eat chips every day for a snack.
When someone uses 'sometimes' in a sentence it usually means that you do something then wait a while to do it again; longer times in between you doing it.
Example: Sometimes I bring my lunch to school.
It could mean that they do it once or twice every month.
Q: What is the difference between oftentimes and often ?
A: نفس المعنى تماما. سؤالك كان جيدا. أقول لك إن الكلمة الاطول
هي رسمية اكثر قليلا، ولكن لا بأس تستخد كلهما في أغلب السياقات
Q: What is the difference between oftentimes and sometimes ?
A: Check the question to view the answer

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? it seems you oftentimes get up early . is it right ?
A: "it seems like you get up early often"

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Q: oftentimes i walk to school on foot for 10 minutes does this sound natural?
A: not really - it’s quite an old-fashioned word! It’s good to know what it means, but I never really use it myself.

If you swap the word “often” for “oftentimes” in the examples above, they would still be correct - but not “natural”
Q: What are the phrases/words that are suitable to be used instead of "absolutely, totally" etc.? I love emphasising what I'm saying, but I oftentimes find myself having a hard time with this. I feel lime I'm always being repetitive, using the same words over and over again. Thanks!
A: Certainly, without (a) question/doubt, actually, conclusively, exactly, easily, decisively, definitely, decidedly, doubtless, for sure, really, precisely, sure enough, sure as hell, surely, truly, unambiguously, unquestionably, unconditionally, pretty sure, for sure
Q: oftentimes I find myself wondering about the infinitude of our universe, and how insignificant we are by comparison. does this sound natural?
A: Very deep indeed!

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