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    2. oldder —-> older older family ——> older families*** older 在这儿不合适—-应该是-traditional -traditional families 20 years'old —-> 20 years old 不自然 should have a marriage———->1 should marry 2) should get married will make them feel safe 选择别样的词汇 —-> 1) will create stability in their lives 2) will bring stability in their lives 3) will cause them to have stability in their lives 4) will provided the stability needed in their lives. marry soon——> 1) marry young, 2) marry early 3) marry early in life So many of young men/women ——> 1) many young men and women 2) so many young couples have bad new family life.——> (remove new unnatural) 1) have a bad family life 2) more natural : develop a bad family life —> develop problems within their family —> develop family problems (best way to say) develop 发展 There are a lot of problems. (remove) And I prefer to an independent life do not start a sentence with and, but, or “or.” 语法不对,但是口语可以这样说。 I prefer to an independent life—-> I prefer to have* an independent life, and...(don’t forget comma before and, but, or “or” when creating a new sentence I like water and juice. (no need for comma ,) 1 sentence I like water, and I like juice. (need comma) 2 sentences I can keep single—-> I can remain single westerners usually have a boyfriends from 16-28) usually they get married around 25-28. bye

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