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    2. An ombudsman is someone who works for the government and makes sure there is no bad stuff going on, they stand for the people and are against corruption

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    2. "Recently, the ombudsman has been accused of abusing his power and is now under investigation." Close! Just a few word changes and placement of words. Have -> has : I'm assuming ombudsman is singular (one person) since you use "his" instead of "their" Overcoming -> abusing : overcoming is used to say someone was able to beat a challenge they had. In this case I'm assuming you're trying to say that this person pushed the limitations of his power to do bad things, that is why he is being investigated now. Therefore abuse is a better word choice. Powers -> power : the singular form is used here because you didn't list any of his powers. You would use powers if you said -> "his legislative and philanthropic powers" since there are two things you listed

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