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    2. Sorry! I just noticed I answered in the wrong language: I wrote in Japanese without thinking, since I'd been only answering questions from Japanese users that day until that point. 真抱歉... My Chinese is quite bad, so I'll explain the main points again in English: Omnibus sounds very old fashioned to me. It's a Latin word, and the word bus is a shortened version of it. The Latin word means, "For everyone." It still has an unrelated legal meaning, because a lot of law terms come from Latin (like tiktaalik says.) You might also find the word referring to transportation in old books--maybe something from the 1920s or so. I just like a "bus" today, an "omnibus" (like supermantine11 said) was a carriage and later a motorized vehicle designed to carry many people, a vehicle "for all", instead of something for one or two people, like a cab. Here is more information: Anyway, everyone uses the shorter version, bus, almost every day. I don't think most people have heard of the word omnibus. If they don't know Latin and don't know the different legal term, they will probably think it is just a really powerful kind of bus. Here is more information about bus: Anyway, if you want to say 公共汽車, just say "bus"! Once again, I'm very sorry for my mistake. I hope this helped you and that I can be of help in the future.

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    2. Hmm there must be another meaning that I've never heard of.. Did you try Google the meaning?

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    2. The link doesn't work in England but I think I understand. The first sentence, " This is one of his experiment like a Tezuka Osamu version of Fantasia." You can change it slightly correcting a few grammatical errors, "This is an experimental work of his, like a Tezuka Osamu version of Fantasia." The second sentence, " Tezuka loved classic music and he tried to make a new type of omnibus animation through this work." Again, small changes to how you write the passage to make it flow better, but your spelling and grammar are good here. I would put, "Through his love of classical music, Tezuka tried to create a new animation with an omnibus format." Then the next sentence, "It consists of ten episodes inspired by Mussorgsky's "Pictures at an Exhibition" Suite." This sentence is fine on its own, you don't have to change it. But if you want to you could possible try this, "Consisting of ten episodes, it was inspired by Mussorgsky's 'Pictures at an Exhibition' Suite, which also has ten composed pieces." I added the 'ten composed pieces' because unless you were into classical music there is no way you will be able to tell why Tezuka's 10 episodes were inspired by Mussorgsky. The last sentence, "This film is 39 minites long and realeased on November 11, 1966 at at the 2nd Mushi Production Festival." This again is fine, just with a few spelling mistakes and two 'at'. So taking them out, and changing a few words so it flows better, you will have, "The 39 minute film was released on November 11th, 1996, at the 2nd Mushi Production Festival." Phew! That was one of the longest answers I've given because I knew nothing about Tezuka or Mussorgsky 😅 Your sentencing and structure are already very good, but have small simple mistakes that I'm sure you will easily fix. Hopefully this helps a little! 👍🏼

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    2. It sounds like you are saying oh-mi-ni-bus Try ohm-ni-bus

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