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Q: What does operate mean?
A: got it, thank you ^ ^
Q: What does operate off of mean?
A: He works by listening to what North Korea says and being ready to counter it. North Korea’s threats are what he does his job to defend, or in other words, “operate off of.”
Q: What does operate mean?
A: Operate has a variety of meanings. It is closely tied with function.


We will need to operate on this patient's heart.

In order for the machine to operate it needs to be turned on.

Q: What does operate mean?
A: hey, how do you operate this car?.... meaning how to use it

Example sentences using "Operate"

Q: Please show me example sentences with operate.
A: Sure thing.
1. Can you please show me how to operate this piece of contraption?
2. How do you operate this laptop
3. I heard they had to operate Gerald’s nose yesterday.

As you can see, the first and second sentence deal with the technical and or functional aspect of an object or a machine. But the last sentence the word ‘operate’ means to perform a surgery on someone.

Synonyms of "Operate" and their differences

Q: What is the difference between operate and surgerize ?
A: "Surgerize" is not a real word. You use the phrasal verb "operate on" or "perform surgery on."
Q: What is the difference between operate from 〜 and operate in 〜 ?
A: "Operate from 〇〇" means that they are based in 〇〇, but their operations may extend further out from where they are based.
"Operate in 〇〇" means that they work in 〇〇 only.

"We operate from Hong Kong but work with clients from all over the globe."
"I represent a legal firm that operates in state of California."
Q: What is the difference between operate and work ?
A: when operating something, that usually means that you are controlling a machine or a device.

to work on something means usually so fix it or make it better

work can also mean that you are going to work as in to a job
Q: What is the difference between operates on and run on ?
A: Yes in this context they do although 'the car runs on petrol' is more common.
Q: What is the difference between operate and work ?
A: He works in the factory and operates the machinery there.
The surgeon operates on the patient at the hospital where he works.
He works for a big corporation that operates internationally.
The business he works for is a big operation.

Other questions about "Operate"

Q: ‎I operate utility facility is boiler and air compressor. Does this sound natural?
A: Okay. Try this: I'm a utility facility operator. I work with boilers and air compressors.

Goodluck! :)

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