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Q: What does They had mixed opinions on it. mean?
A: It means: they had different reactions, partly positive and partly negative

他们的意见不一, 积极和负混合
Q: What does I've got a very high opinion mean?
A: Someone has a lot of respect for you.
Q: What does Now remarked in her opinion his letter was well expressed. mean?
A: A remark is a comment.

She is making an observation.
Q: What does You are certainly entitled to that opinion mean?
A: The word "certainly" in this context makes it sound a little terse. Like it isn't necessarily meant kindly. :')
Q: What does I had formed any opinions at all on social or political matters mean?
A: This essay was written in 1869 and likely explains why it's worded funny.

It would appear the author is trying to say that he formed an opinion when he was young and over time as he learnt more this opinion did not change or weaken but grew stronger.

Example sentences using "Opinion"

Q: Please show me example sentences with How can I write yet "it's my opinion" in another way ?
A: Informal
"In my opinion" (The more casual way)
In my opinion, horses are rad!

"Well... I think" (talking)
Well... I think that you are wrong and horses are not rad

"Correct me if I'm wrong but" (starting a discussion, more aggressive)
Correct me if I am wrong but horses are cool

"I'm not but..." (stating something that fits into a social group that you are not apart of (supposedly))
I'm not horse-ist but horses are evil
I'm not sexist but women should stay in the kitchen

"My point of view is" (stating what you think on a topic)
My point of view on this topic is that horses are rad. Why? because....

"I believe"
I believe horses are cool

"I prefer"
I prefer horses over all other animals

"I feel"
I feel like horses could control the world!

"This is my opinion on..."
Horses will dominate society, we will have no need for cars. This is my opinion of Horses versus cars

That is all I can think of for now. We usually just counter-argue other people's opinions
"Woah mate, but you're wrong"
"Well I don't believe that"
etc etc.
Q: Please show me example sentences with unpopular opinion.
A: Say you have three people and one says,
"I like dogs more than cats",
while the others say,
"I like cats more than dogs".
The unpopular opinion here would be to like dogs more than cats while the popular opinion would be to like cats more than dogs. I have run into situations where people act pretentious because they think their unpopular opinion should be the popular one but that isn't always the case and even though a person may hold an unpopular opinion it depends on their character the way they act.
Q: Please show me example sentences with strong opinion about.
A: "I have a strong opinion about how the democratic system works really well in our country."

"I have a strong opinion about the right of women being able to vote."
Q: Please show me example sentences with strong opinion on.
A: He has a very strong opinion on this matter. We probably shouldn't pressure him to change his mind.

Your parents have very strong opinions on how we should raise our children. I'm not sure how I feel about that.

I have very strong opinions on how people should treat each other. If you aren't kind and respectful to me, I will be neither kind nor respectful towards you.
Q: Please show me example sentences with You have to accept the other opinion .
A: I know you don't agree with it, but you have to accept the other opinion.

He has a different opinion than yours but you have to accept it.

Accepting different opinions and respecting them is what makes us human.

Synonyms of "Opinion" and their differences

Q: What is the difference between opinions and feedback ?
A: Feedback is like "response." So in this sentence, feedback is better. People don't have to ask for you to give your opinion, but they will ask for feedback if they want it
Q: What is the difference between I'll stick to my opinion anyway. and I'll stand by my opinion anyway. ?
A: 'Stick to' and 'Stand by' are not synonymous. Although they can be used interchangeably in certain contexts, there are distinct differences between the insinuations.

Sticking to your opinion implies that you're not changing your mind and you're staying with the same opinion you had.

As for standing by your opinion, though it also means that you're not going to change your opinion, it implies that you're going to fervently support it.

The former comes across as more passive than the latter.

Say whatever you want but I'll still stick to my opinion that X is better than Y. (proceeds to say little)
I will stand by my opinion that X is better than Y and I will debate you on that. (proceeds to argue / take a stand on the issue)
Q: What is the difference between opinion and view ?
A: An opinion is what you think about something/someone, and a view is how you see something/someone. This might sound a little confusing, and the two words are definitely similar. You will learn the difference better from experience I think.
Q: What is the difference between in my opinion and to my mind ?
A: This may be helpful:

They are synonymous. It is more common (in my opinion) to find "to my mind" in the middle of a sentence. These four sentences sound natural to me:

"In my opinion, that was the best movie of the year."
"That was, in my opinion, the best movie of the year."
"That was the best movie of the year in my opinion."
"That was, to my mind, the best movie of the year."

The other possibilities, where "to my mind" is at the beginning or the end of the sentence do not sound natural to me.

Additionally, I almost never use "to my mind" (in any form: spoken, written, casual, or formal). I believe it is more common in other dialects. My dialect is of the Midwest/Southern US.
Q: What is the difference between to agree with your opinion and to agree to your opinion ?
A: "Agree to your opinion" sounds unnatural to me.

I usually hear "agree to" with verbs, (e.g. "I agreed to run the event"). The only thing I can think of with a noun is "I agreed to the terms of service" or "I agreed to the terms of the contract."

Translations of "Opinion"

Q: How do you say this in English (US)? In my opinion, we might be able to ease this conflict by ensuring that animal testing is restricted to medicines only. This way, animals are not harmed when we make non essential products, such as fashion items.

do you think this is natural?
A: Yes, very neutral
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? on my opinion
A: In my opinion
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? it is okay to say " opinions are not agreed "
A: Wanting to go to the sea and wanting to go to the mountain is NOT an opinion, it is a choice/preference. The problem you are having is that you cannot agree on your choices/preferences. You cannot get to an agreement about where to go.
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? your opinion doesn't count (1)
your opinion don't count (2)
Your opinion not count (3)
A: Use the first one. You need a verb (does) and it needs to agree in number with your noun.
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? opinions
A: in my opinion...
personally i think...
i think...
i like...
i love...
i don't like...
i hate...

Other questions about "Opinion"

In my opinion, it is of great importance to get some exercise regularly.
We can stay healthy naturally by getting exercise in our daily lives.At the age of 12, I put on weight, because I ate too much in order to relieve stress. At the time I did not join any sport teams. A friend of mine,however, introduced me to a baseball club in my town, so I decided to participate in it and began to practice baseball with my friends every day. To my surprise, though I continued eating too much, I lost weight gradually and my body condition became better than I had been. I am sure every day exercise contributes to keep in good shape.
Regularly exercise also has a good effect on our mind. Through every day exercise our mental become much stronger. The stronger our mental become, the better we can get along with other people involving such a person as you do not like.
Therefore, I think it is very important to get some exercise regularly and we are sure to benefit from every day exercise in many ways. does this sound natural?
A: Hello!
Firstly you need to put order in your ideas, use In my opinion, in the first place, secondly, in conclusion, and so on. Also use paragraphs after you end an idea
- connection words: also, although, in that case, etc and be careful with their place in the sentence.
- don't repeat the same idea
- keep it simple and clean.
Good luck!
Q: I need your opinions 🙊? does this sound natural?
A: Wow that's great☺️
Q: In my opinion, the most important subject is mathematics because we have to calculate anything. We earn and spend a lot of money in daily life. If we don’t have calculating skills, our life is tough. does this sound natural?
A: In my opinion, the most important subject is mathematics because we have to calculate everything such as our earnings and expenditure in our daily life. If we don’t even have basic calculating skills, our life will be tough.
Q: *my opinion differs a lot to hers.

*our opinion differed.

does this sound natural?
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: what are your opinion regarding Pakistan ?
A: I'm from Turkey, I love Pakistan very much. I love your culture, your language, your people... But most important, I'm always supporting you... Mein tumase pyaar karati hoon Pakistan! 🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰💕

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