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    2. hand out= to meet with someone EG: Hey Julia, do you want to hang out at the bar on tuesday night? Hope this helps :)

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    2. It sounds like you are saying "what the f**k?"

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    2. In this report we performed an analysis of our product and the different characteristics and properties that make it unique based on the requirements of the exporting country which is the United States and specifically New York City. A series of points came up that must be addressed to complete the sale. A strategy of market segmentation will give us a higher assurance of our product passing this investigation given the details of our product including its design, color, and other factors. We will cover the costs of each step that will lead to the success of our product and we will monitor the process until our product reaches its destination. -- I didn't understand all of it so I had to guess a bit, and I didn't try reading the Spanish because I'm afraid it's a bit above my level, but I hope this at least points you in the right direction. ¡Buena suerte!

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    2. maybe instead of using gone twice in the sentence say, "She had gone off to college, but I couldn't have." or "She went off to college, but I couldn't join her."

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