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Q: What does outfit mean?
A: In terms of clothing, all the clothes you are wearing that mark you as a worker, an executive and so on. As clothes can thought of as an addition to the body. You can outfit an object with more things. adding extra lights to truck for example. You outfitted the truck with more lights.
Q: What does only he can pull off that outfit mean?
A: that the person wearing the outfit is the only one it could look good on.
Q: What does That outfit does not flatter you. mean?
A: It means that the outfit doesn’t look good on you.
Q: What does outfit mean?
A: outfit is what you are wearing. if someone says "i like your outfit!" they are saying they like the clothes you are wearing.
Q: What does lit outfit mean?
A: "Lit" is slang for something that you think is really awesome. So a lit outfit is just a really sweet trendy outfit. (Ps. "lit" can also be slang for intoxicated FYI)

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Q: Please show me example sentences with outfit.
A: I went to the clothing store to buy a new outfit.
Q: Please show me example sentences with outfit.
A: That is a nice outfit you are wearing. Your business is a professional outfit I may apply for a job there.

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Q: What is the difference between Your outfit looks good on you. and Your outfit look good on you. and Which is the right usage? Please teach me, thank you! ?
A: "Your outfit looks good on you" is the correct usage. Because the subject is only one and not multiple, it would be"looks", rather than "look"
Q: What is the difference between outfit and clothes ?
A: outfit is something you wear for a short time (usually a day) "I don't​ like my outfit today." or "I had to change my outfit" clothes is more broad, "I need new clothes." "all my clothes are dirty". Often the two words can be used in place of one another, but not always. Also keep in mind that "clothes" is usually plural so you could say "I need to change my clothes because they are dirty" or "I need to change my outfit because it is dirty".
Q: What is the difference between outfit and attire ?
A: @rieoni_0405: they are really the same but attire is an older word. Outfit is more commonly used.
Q: What is the difference between outfit and outer ?
A: Outer is an adjective meaning outside. "The outer part" would be something like "바깥쪽 부분" Outfit means a combination of clothing. If someone said to you "I like your outfit" it would mean that they like the combination of shirt, pants, jacket, shoes, etc. that you are wearing.
Q: What is the difference between outfit and clothes and clothing and attire and apparel ?
A: "I wore my nicest outfit to the party." "Outfit" usually means a coordinated set of clothes. "All my clothes are dirty." "Clothes" are anything you wear on your body that is made of cloth. (Shoes are not clothes.) Clothing is the same as clothes! "The business dinner required formal attire." "Attire" is a more formal way to say clothes/clothing. It is often used to refer to different classes or levels of clothing - "casual attire", "sports attire", "business attire", "formal attire". "Apparel" also means clothing, but it's rarely used and sounds a little academic. There's a store called "American Apparel".

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? how do you say outfit
A: Check the question to view the answer

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Q: Your outfit is sublime. does this sound natural?
A: But be careful. "Sublime" is not a common word. It would be more common to say: Your outfit is amazing. or Your outfit is so cute. or Your outfit is so stylish. "Sublime" is a very, very... very strong adjective. It basically means you are saying their outfit has left you in awe.
Q: When it comes to outfits, I love French styles. I also like casual outfits with one or two sports items. We call these kinds of outfits "Sports Mix". does this sound natural?
A: Sounds good and I understand it, but handling of singular and plural subjects could be improved. It sounds a little better as “I love the French style.” or “I love French styles.” And since outfits is plural it sounds better as “We call these kinds of outfits ‘Sports Mix’.” If singular is preferred: “We call this kind of outfit ‘Sports Mix’.”
Q: I like polished outfits. does this sound natural?
Q: How are outfits in the States different today from the past? does this sound natural?
A: How has the fashion style in the states changed over the years?" +1 with this sentence
Q: Which is true? (While I'm talking) If I wore this outfit, It wouldn't fit me If I had worn this outfit, It would have not fit me If I wear this outfit, It won't fit me
A: I see Yoongi! Anyways all three are technically correct, but a more natural way of saying it would be "If I tried to wear this outfit, it wouldn't fit." You can say me at the end

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