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    2. it'd be roots

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    2. Protests happening outside the school are a negative effect of the school's policy on uniforms and their regulations.

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    2. "Ever since I first heard about this course, I have had no doubt about applying for it. The School’s curriculum about the way into science, as well as, scientific life and the scientific profession are all obviously central to a successful and meaningful scientific career. I am extremely enthused at the prospect of being able to participate, but also about the prospect to learn about it's content and acquire new helpful skills. This will be a precious opportunity for me to enrich my knowledge and professionally grow, thereby being able to further contribute to the development of science and education of the country (which country?). I am eager to gain new experiences, improve my skills and broaden my understanding in this rich scientific environment. Furthermore, the opportunity of meeting with a variety of students, masters and Ph.D. students who each have different specialties from Vietnam (as well as other countries). This will help me to gain different expertise and to develop a network of scientists related to my future research interests." I rewrote it into a more natural sounding text. Just add which country you speak of at the "which country" question

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